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Friday, September 29th
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Dave Cole, Long Time Lake Of The Ozarks Fishing Guide And Tournament Fisherman, Dies At 73

Words from Jack Uxa about Dave Cole

Dave was a really great guy, I was glad to call him a friend. As serious fisherman we are all apart of a brotherhood of sorts. We’ve been friends for many years now, in fact my first friend here at the Lake. He took me fishing before I got my guide license and showed me the ropes. He was always helpful and knowledgeable.  He seemed to always surprise me with certain facts about himself or a particular fish pattern he had been working on. He never quit learning or trying new things. He was really good with a spinning rod and football jig.  I had a great day on the water with Dave less than 2 weeks ago. It’s hard to believe how some things can change so fast. It’s another reminder of one of life’s lessons, you don’t know when it’s your time. If there is something you want to accomplish you’d better make it happen, don’t wait. I think Dave had a good life.  I know I was certainly glad to have met him and to be a small part of it.   

Link to obituaray and funeral details:!/Obituary

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