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Lake of the Ozarks, MO. – QuicKbaits is a family owned tackle company located in the heart of the
USA. With a view of the Lake of the Ozarks out our corporate office window, we always have fishing on
our minds. Having over 100 Years of tournament experience and bait testing, you can be sure we provide
a quality product.

                                    THE ORIGINAL RATTLING SYSTEM™ RATTLE BAITS
At QUICKBAITS™, we know that choosing the right bait is critical to fishing success. That’s where
our RATTLE BAITS from THE ORIGINAL RATTLING SYSTEM™ takes center stage. We at
QUICKBAITS™ have designed a patented technique for hand pouring sound making rattles directly
INTO our already seductive softbaits. This eliminates the hassle of having to keep track of tiny rattles
and tearing holes into your soft plastic bodies. THE ORIGINAL RATTLING SYSTEM™ has turned
the ordinary soft plastic into a noise making bass catching machine, without the fuss! Basically, we came
up with a way to make it easier on you so you can focus on catching fish and having fun.

right in the heart of the company. After years of adding rattles to jigs and shoving rattles into soft plastic
baits only to lose tiny rattle after tiny rattle and ruin beautiful soft plastic baits, Jim decided to try add
the rattles directly to the bait molds and pouring around them. After a few test runs and adjustments, he
found a the perfect solution to rattling bass baits, THE ORIGINAL RATTLING SYSTEM™. We first
used the technique on our QuicKrattlingworm, a worm shaped lure that has a tail like a rattle snake and
have since added THE ORIGINAL RATTLING SYSTEM™ to other lure styles.
THE ORIGINAL RATTLING SYSTEM™ is available in many of the lure bodies offered by
QUICKBAITS™. One of the most popular designs to be poured using THE ORIGINAL RATTLING
is the 10” QuicKbigWorm, a durable but action filled 10” fat bodied worm. This lure would
be deadly on deep water bass with a shakey-headed jig. It has a full body with loads of action in the tail
where the rattle is located, making this bait a great deep water noise making machine.

At 4” in length, our QuicKrascal is another perfect combo for THE ORIGINAL RATTLING
. With its stocky body and long antennae, this creature bait would pair nicely to the back of
a archy-headed jig and skirt to match. No need for jigs with rattles when your lure is equipped with

One of our top selling baits implementing THE ORIGINAL RATTLING SYSTEM™ is the 5”
QuicKnessie. The QuicKnessie is similar to a lizard bait, but it has flippers in stead of legs which create
a bigger ripple effect and resembles the mythical creature the Loch Ness Monster from Scotland Folk
Lure. If you think a lizard bait would entice a big fat mamma bass, imagine the same body with scary
flippers that makes noise as it swims. . . Good new for bass anglers. Bad news for bass.

For more information, contact QuicKbaits™, 187 Capstone Drive, Linn Creek, MO 65052. Phone is
(573) 723-1890 or email us at

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