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Friday, September 29th
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Reminder: Polygraph Test Will Be Administered At Bassing Bob Final Winter Tournament February 7, 2015

Bassing Bob Winter Bass Challenge Tournament anglers, we want to remind you all, that as stated in the Bassing Bob Winter Bass Challenge Tournament rules, we reserve the right to administer polygraph testing for any tournament.   While we have not administered polygraph test for any previous tournaments, we desire to establish a random pattern of testing, so to provide all of you with the confidence that  winnings are earned fairly. 

I wanted you all to know about our intention to do testing this weekend ahead of time, as the weigh-in and check award process may take just a bit longer than tournaments without the testing.   We assure you that we will try our best to be as efficient as possible with the polygraph process.  

As with all of our tournaments, we will have food and drinks at the weigh-in and we are expecting good weather, so we hope that the time it takes to administer the test will not inconvenience you and that you can use that time to fill up on some food and enjoy some collaboration with your fellow fisherman, bring your family to enjoy the food and wiegh in.

The polygraph testing will be adminstered by Greg Martin.   Greg's firm is the firm that administers the polygraph testing for Anglers in Action Big Bass Bash.  Here is a link to Greg's website, if you desire to learn more about the polygraph, http://process.

We hope to see many of you this coming Saturday.

The Bassing Bob Team

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