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Osage Beach Bait And Tackle Changes Ownership

After opening Osage Beach Bait and Tackle 9 years ago, Bill Cassidy has sold what is referred to locally as “The Bait Shop” to long time fisherwoman and local fishing enthusiast Carol Drysdale. 

There was a transition celebration held on Monday evening, February March the 9th at “The Bait Shop”, which included no other than fried fish and lots of great food.  The event was attended my many of the local great fisherman, friends of both Bill’s and Carol and Bill and Carol’s family members.

Bill commented, “after 9 years of owning Osage Beach Bait and Tackle, it was just time to move onto retirement”  Earlier this year Bill suffered a mild heart attack, which resulted in a couple of stents to open some arteries.   Bill indicated, “the heart attack was kind of a awakening for him to start to enjoy life more and slow down a bit, owning a bait and tackle store requires many full days and lots of hours working and it was just time to stop doing that”.  When asked about what he will miss the most about “The Bait Shop”, without hesitation, Bill replied, “the people, the fisherman, the life long friends that I have met through these past 9 years”.   Bill said, “he plans to do more fishing, spend time with his grandkids, family and wife Olivia.    When I asked Olivia, known as “Ollie” how she felt about having her husband on a full time basis, she simply smiled and said “I have a long punch list of honey do’s that have been waiting 9 years to be completed”.   It seems Bill will have to balance fishing, family with a long honey do list, but knowing Bill, he will do it all with a smile on his face and gracioness, just as he has served the fisherman and community over these past 9 years.

The new owner of Osage Beach Bait and Tackle, Carol Drysdale is not new to the fishing business.   Many of you may know Carol from her work and help at the Wednesday night tournaments organized by her close friends Dan and Kathy Swan.  Carol also is an avid bass and crappie fisherman and back in the day Carol and her late husband Wayne were very successful bass tournament fisherman.   Carol said, when asked about why she decided to buy the store, “that it just seemed to be a good opporuntity for her at this time and it would be a lot of fun, I am looking forward to the challenge and I really love talking fishing with the fisherman”   Carol commented, “the first thing she plans to do is do some deep cleaning of the store and get things well organized for the fisherman”.   Carol plans to review all of the products and add new products that are well suited to fishing at Lake of the Ozarks.   She plans to review her line of fishing rods and bring in a new line or two.   Carol’s daughter Liz Puckett, commented, “if you know my mom, she loves fishing, she is a very a good fisherwoman, she has a welcoming smile and often greets people with a big hug”.  Liz, who lives in St. Louis will be assisting her mom at the store during her frequent visits to the lake.  

Leon Dannit, who many of the fisherman know and a long time employee of Osage Beach Bait and Tackle will continue working with Carol at “the bait shop”.   Carol is looking forward to working with her Pro Staff, who will continue to provide input to Carol as they have Bill for the last many year, they include local expert fisherman Dale Burgman, Dan Swan, Dave Wolf and others.

I personally have known Carol now for the past couple of years since I retired to the lake.   Carol is one of those kind of people that will just make you feel comfortable and welcome.  In addition to being a very knowledgeable fisherwoman, she is such a pleasant person to talk with and she is a load of fun.   Carol has been a big fan and supporter of Bassing Bob.  I encourage all of the Bassing Bob members and fishing community to stop in Osage Beach Bait and Tackle, get that big Carol hug, introduce yourself to Carol and support her new business with purchases of the baits and tackle that you need to catch em on Lake of the Ozarks.


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