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Night Fishing Team Championship Tournament June 20, 2015 Flyer And Entry Form

Win $3,000 Bucks and Etch Your Names on the Travelling Trophy

Thursday Night Bass Busters will be hosting the Lake of the Ozarks1st Annual Night Fishing Open Team Tournament Championship Open Buddy Tournament.  Take off from PB2 at 8PM and weigh in at PB2 at 7:00AM.  

See Tournament Entry Form Below the Flyer.

Click link below to download the tournament flyer.


Tournament Entry Form

Boat #_____________                                                   Date___________

Lake of the Ozarks Night Fishing Championship

Boaters Name:  _____________________________ SSN___________

Address: __________________________ State: _____   Zip: ________

Signature:  _________________________  Cell# _________________

Partners Name :  ___________________________ SSN____________

Address:  __________________________ State: _____  Zip: ________

Signature: __________________________ Cell# _________________


Tournament Hours:  8:00 Pm to 7:00 AM.   PB-2 is the official take off cove and weigh-in location.  Returning late to weigh in shall be grounds for disqualification.  Permitted Fishing Locations:  Anywhere on Lake of the Ozarks EXCEPT  inside the bouys of PB2.  NO live bait or inappropriate fishing methods permitted.  Rod and reel with artificial lures only

5 bass limit. 15” Largemouth and Smallmouth. 12” Kentucky bass can be weighed. Questionable length fish will be measured.

 All fish MUST be alive.  If a fish is ‘gilling’ breathing in the weigh basket it is considered alive.  A penalty of 1 pound will be accessed on a dead fish.  No more than 1 dead fish can be weighed.

Bass Pro Golden Rule is the official measuring device.

Culling must be done only outside the bouys of the tournament take off cove.

Ties:  Big fish will break ties for heavy bag.  Heavy bag will break ties for big fish.

Eligibility:  Anyone over 18 yrs old with a valid fishing license.  Anyone under 18 yrs old must be accompanied by an adult.

Truth Verification: Each contestant participating will be subject to a polygraph test at the discretion of the tournament committee.  Anyone failing or refusing to take said test shall forfeit any cash winnings,  and is disqualified and banned from all future tournaments. 

Right to refuse entry: The tournament committee reserves the right to refuse or accept entry fees from anyone. Safety: All participants must adhere to all Missouri State Boating laws and Missouri Conversation rules and regulations.  Life jackets and kill switches must be worn when outboard motor is in operation.

I have read and understand the rules set forth by the tournament committee.  By signing this entry form we  hereby waive and release LOZ-NFC, the tournament committee, and all participating contestants from any and all claims of injury or damage in connection with this tournament.  By signing this entry form the boater acknowledges having current and up to date liability boat insurance of $100K minimum.




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