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Saturday, September 30th
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$1,000 Guaranteed 1st Place – Ozark Mountain Bass Club Open Team Night Tournament June 19th, 2015

The Ozark Mountain Bass Club Open Night Tournament on June 19th, 2015  would be a good one for someone looking to pre-fish for the Championship Tournament being held on the 20th by the Thrusday Night Bass Anglers.  Ozark Mountain Bass Club is guaranteeing $1,000 with 20 boats.  The Mexico Bass Club is also having an open at PB2 on June 19th as well with take-off at 6pm and Ozark Mountain tournament take off at 7:00PM.   You can fish both tournaments and win dough from both, however to do this you will need to enter both tournaments at take off at the 7:00PM take off time.

If you have any questions, please contact Chad Davidson:

Below is a printable entry form and details for the Ozark Mountain Tournament.

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