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Saturday, September 30th
Clear Sky - Wind: 5.01 Mph
89.6 °F

Day 1 On LOZ – International Federation Of Black Bass Anglers Tournament Trail

Due to some flooding on the Mississippi, the International Federation of Black Bass Anglers moved thier tournament to Lake of the Ozarks this weekend.

This impressive two day tournament guarantees a $5,000 first place payout based on a minimum of 20 boats.  Unfortunately, due to the last minute shuffling from the Mississippi to LOZ and the short time to obtain the Regatta permit out of Red Oak, this tournament was not very well advertized to the LOZ angling community.   With a $5,000 guaranteed pay out for first place with a minimum of 20 boats, their could have been 50+ boats.   Talking with Tournament Director, Arthur Bronson, he anticipates coming back next year and we will have plenty of notice so that the awesome LOZ Bass fishing community will be able to compete for the $5,000 payout.

After Day1 of the tournament, there were some very nice bags of LOZ bass weighed, with the top bag going into day two, an impressive 20.68 pound bag weighed in by Kansas City Anglers, Brian Templeton and Scott Ventinaglia, there bag was anchored by the tournaments big bass as of today, a 5.44 pound LOZ hawg.

Below are the top finishers for Day 1.

1st     Brian Templeton and Scott Ventinaglia                    20.68 Pounds

2nd    Rob Bueltmann and Ben Verhoef                           19.19 Pounds

3rd    Jim Young and Jermina Medina                              19.18 Pounds

4th     Trey Harpel and Mon Givens                                  16.12 Pounds

5th     Brian Jones and Jeremy Daniel                              14.17 Pounds

6th     Greg Clacet and Mike Markell                                10.85 Pounds

7th     Stephen Tyson Sr, and Stephen Tyson, Jr.            6.27 Pounds

Check out Day 2 results here on Bassing Bob, we will interview the fisherman and see what baits part of the lake and their strategies or adjustments for Day 2.

Pictures from Day 1.

Day 1 Top Weight

Day 1 2nd Place

Day 1 3rd Place

Day 1 Big Bass

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