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Friday, September 29th
Clear Sky - Wind: 3 Mph
68.7 °F

Krull And Krull Have 25.73 In BassingBob Summer Sizzler Tournament

There was a ton of huge bags brought in. Krull and Krull have a commanding 25 pound lead and second is Hutton & Cook with 19.11. There is still another day tommmorow and with the weather going to be similar to today. Anything can happen. The fish are reported to be caught shallow and deep.  The water is cooling down and the fish are biting. Good luck tommorow guys.  Tomorrow should be quite a shoot out.   Take a look at that leader board, other than Mark Wiese (family committment), Wayne Fitzpatrick (working at Fitz today) the Hibdons (at FLW Forrest Wood Cup) and a dozen or so others, the best and bravest fisherman are fishing this tournament.  After encouragement from many anglers to host a summertime tournament, many of those that encouraged, did not fish.  Perhaps the big entry fee was just too high, very understandable.  We will be writing 8 checks tomorrow and have a $300 valued rod donated by Fitz Fishing and $150 valued bait pack donated by Crock-o-Gator Bait Company being given away tomorrow.  Half of the entrants will walk away tomorrow with a reward for fishing with the best fisherman on Lake of the Ozarks.  One tournament fisherman told me that the best thing to do is reward as many fisherman as possible, so we will be rewarding one of every two teams tomorrow..  For those that could not fish due to other committments, we will hope to see you next year.  If you are in the area tomorrow, come on out to Alhonna for hot dogs, BBQ pulled pork, soft drinks and enjoy the comaraderie of LOZ fisherman.   We will also have Stewarts breakfast at 5:30.   The Krull boys have set the bar very high with an awesome perfomance today.  Congrats to Patrick and Randy for setting the pace, should be a fun day tomorrow to see if any of the greats can catch them and the competition for the other big checks.  


 1st Randy Krull/Patrick Krull

5 fish 

5.14 Big



2nd Roger Cook/ Mike Hutton

5 fish 

5.49 Big 



 3rd Jim Young/Gary Apke

5 fish 

4.89 Big 



4th Marcus Sykora/ Bill Davenport

5 fish 

4.53 Big



5th James Dill/Dana Zander

5 fish 

4.69 Big 



6th Jim Gianlandis/Mark Wasson

5 fish 

4.25 Big 



7th Roger Fitzpatrick/ Dennis Berhorst

5 fish 

4.47 Big



8th Brian Maloney/John Schumway

5 fish 

4.57 Big 



9th Jason Schumer/ CRISANTO LEONOR

5 fish 

4.71 Big 



 10th Steve Wilson/Chuck Sharamitaro

5 fish 

4.83 Big 



11th Mike Malone/ Terry Blankenship

5 fish 

3.19 big 



12th Frank Clayton/Chris Murphy

3 fish 

3.81 Big 



13th Jamie Eynard/ James Frank

3 fish 

4.44 Big 


14th Bob Renken/ Stewart Biggilo

3 fish 

2.77 Big 



15th James Iken/ Tim Mayer

2 fish 



16th Troy Wiethop/ Travis White

0 fish 


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