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Thursday, September 28th
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Central Pro Elite Solo Tournament At Lake Of The Ozarks This Coming Weekend, December 5th And 6th

By: Bassing Bob

I will be fishing this fun tournament this weekend.   The format is a solo tournament, so you fish by yourself.   Mike Webb and Eric Prey run the tournament, these guys are awesome individuals and very dedicated to helping fisherman of all levels, both are fishing guides and extremely humble Christian individuals, you will not meet two more awesome guys.   They have the solo series, which includes fishing Tablerock, Bull Shoals, Stockton and Lake of the Ozarks.   While, I likely cannot make all the tournaments, I really like this two day solo format as it challenges my skills of fishing, decision making, etc.  

While there are some really good fisherman that fish this circuit, many of them do not think of LOZ as their home lake and thus I encourage LOZ fisherman to at least come out this weekend and fish the LOZ tourney, even if you cannot make all of the others.   If you can make all of the others, you will have a great time and meet some really awesome fisherman, many from the Tablerock/Springfield area.   The payback is good too.  I am looking forward to the event, I hope to see some of my LOZ buddies at the tournament.  Take off is out of Robins Resort, Bassing Bob will be there with coffee, donuts, hot dogs, etc. the usual BB fare!!

Here is a link to Webb Outdoors for more information and link to thier awesome video;






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