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Friday, September 29th
Clear Sky - Wind: 3 Mph
68.7 °F

Friday Update – Winter Bass Challenge Tournament Is On. Update For January 23rd, 2016 Tournament – Green Light


Friday Update

See Weather Forecast, Water Conditions and how they are biting below.

Tournament Forecast

The weather forecast shows a bit colder than earlier in the week for the tournament tomorrow, however the tournament is on.  There will be sun in the afternoon with very light wind, so other than some ice on the guides it should feel comfortable fishing in 30- 35 degrees.  We will be salting and sanding the ramp at Alhonna Friday night and starting about 6:30 on Saturday morning.


Water Conditions

Most of the lake is muddy, however the mid  Gravois was the best water I have found this week, all the areas from Coffman to just past Bogue Hollow.  6 Mile Cove, the lower end coves, Chimney Cove, Buck Creeks and Pogue Hollow at 17mm are stained – muddy. .  The lower end has been stained but fishable in the creeks, however the mostly stained-slightly stained water seems to change daily, I am guessing based on wind.    The Glaize is muddy.   PB1 area and above has been clear, however Tuesday I encountered ice just before PB1, that could be melted by Saturday, but not sure.  Today I was up the Niangua, the mouth of the Little Niangua is slightly stained – stained but fishable.   From Larry Gale to above Ha Ha Tonka is the biggest stretch of clear fishable water that I have found all week.  See Bassing Bob Daily Fishing Report for pics of the water clarity throughout the lake and pics from today in the Niangua.   The upper Little Niaugua has been clear, but unsure about ice.

The Bite

While the bite has been tough, my most consistent bite has been fishing a jig slow on the last creek channel banks in a cove/creek where the water goes from very shallow to deeper pockets, 15′ – 20′ of water, fishing from the bank out to 10′.  Also, I have had bites on the stick baits in the Gravois on main lake points and gradual to steep banks with rock.  Bait fish and seeing some life on the graph has been a key for me to getting bit, or at least having the confidence to work the area slowly to get bit.  Also, in the Gravois fishing ledges where the wind is hitting and blowing bait fish have been consistent with a jig or stick bait.   Some of the creeks around Alohonna have stained but fishable water towards the backs on the creek channel banks, while that water is more stained than the river areas or the Gravois, the fish are there if you can figure out how to get em to bite.  The experts tell me that when you find the fish, slow way down with something on the bottom.  The upper Niangua bite has been on jig, stick bait and crank baits.


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