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Wednesday, September 27th
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10.11 Pounder Caught On Lake Of The Ozarks, Jacks Guide Service Customer Val Grikis From Texas Catches Monster Bass

I received a text about noon today from Bassing Bob Expert Advisor and #1 LOZ Fishing Guide, Jack Uxa, the first text read ” my customer just caught a 10 pounder”, the 2nd text read ” wanna get a picture?  If you’re in the Glaize we are across from Ft. Leonard Wood ramp”.  I immediately called Jack, I was fishing in the Glaize around Lazy Days.  So, I ran up the Glaize and found Jack and his customers.  He pulled the 10 pounder out of his live well, I could hardly believe the size of this bass, the head was massive, the mouth was giant and she was full of eggs.   This fish is the true definition of a “HAWG”, I could not believe that this fish came from Lake of the Ozarks.  Jack did not have his scale, so he took my scale and weighed the fish, on my Berkley’s scale the fish weighed 10.11 pounds.  Wow.   I took some pics and I talked to Jack tonight to get more details.  Jack said his boat was in 6′ of water and the fish, caught on the Chompers Spinner Bait came from 3′ of water.  What is even more amazing, Jacks customer caught that bass out of the back of the boat, with Jack up front, customers son in the middle and Val the dad in the back.  That fish must have seen two baits before biting that spinner bait.   Jack reported, his customer thought he snagged a carp, then Jack looked up and saw this giant bass boil on the water.  Jack immediately grabbed his net and netted the beast on the first try.   After some photos and videos; this giant LOZ bass was released back to the water in the Glaize and Jack reported that it swam off with no problem.  Wow, what a great day of catching bass for this Texas father and son duo.  Jack’s Guide Service has a history of getting his customers on Big Bass, including many Big Bass Bash winners and check cashers.   Congratulations to Jack and his customers for what will likely be the biggest bass caught on Lake of the Ozarks this year.  To see Jacks complete report from today, 35 bass, 17 keepers, 3 3 pounders, 1 4 pounder, 3 5 pounders and the 10.11 pounder see daily fishing reports at

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