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Bassing Bob January 6, 2018 Tournament Status Update – Tournament Is Cancelled

Last Updated:           January 4, 2018

Tournament Date:    January 6, 2018

Status:                     Cancelled

Reschedule Date:   February 3rd, 2018    


Thursday January 4th Update

Due to forecast of single digit wind chills in the morning and concern for launching boats on icy ramps we are cancelling the tournament scheduled for this coming Saturday January 4th.  We apologize for the roller coaster ride these past couple of days as the forecast has continued to shift in the wrong direction on us.   Thanks for your patience and we hope to see you all at our next tournament Saturday February 3rd at Alhonna.

Wednesday January 3rd Update

After looking at the forecast today/Wednesday, I realized that I was looking at St. Louis forecast yesterday v. Lake of the Ozarks.   Currently Saturday is forecast to be a high of 39 degrees with mostly sunny skies, that is very fishable weather.   I am also paying attention to Thursday and Friday forecast, which as of now shows no precipitation and sunny skies which will help keeping the lake from freezing.   Friday night is going to be cold, so we are monitoring that as well considering ramps, etc. to lauch boats.   If we see that to be an issue, we are considering moving the take off time to 8:30 with weigh-in at 3:30 to give you all more time to launch your boats.  We hope to make a final decision Thursday by noon.


Tuesday January 2 Update

Due to forecast of continued extreme cold temperatures this week, we wanted to post status updates for the BassingBob Tournament scheduled for this coming weekend, January 6.

Today I was on the water to take my boat for new 4 bank charger and the water temperature was 38-39 degrees.   In the lower Glaize did not see any ice on the main lake or even toward the backs of some creeks.  However, I have talked to several fisherman reporting thin ice over fairly deep water in some creeks and some shallow creeks completely iced over.   If I had my boat today, I would be fishing as the sun and no wind helps to keep me from being really cold on the water.  However, with the temperatures not reaching the freezing point til later this week, single digit temps over night most of the week and a forecast as of right now of a 30 degree high for Saturday, it very likley we will cancel this weekends tournament.   While it seems most of the lake will be fishable, our primary concern is everyones safety and fishing enjoyment.   The ramps will likely get icy from boat launches, the backs of Coffman Beach, Shawnee Bend Access and Alhonna Ramp, the primary ramps used for our tournament may be frozen and the ramps icy from boats being launched.   Lauching a boat on frozen ramps is risky and can be quite dangerous.  In addition, fishing with  ice on the fishing rod guides and being cold from the temps and forecast of 10-15 MPH winds is not very enjoyable.   We will check the forecast tomorrow to see if there is any changes for Saturday that would allow us to hold the tournament, stay tuned.   We hope to make a final decision tomorrow/Wednesday.

I have been in contact with Tim Newberry from Joe Bass.   He is also thinking the same way regarding his scheduled tournament Sunday out of PB2.   Sunday is forecast to have precipipation which also makes the ramps and travel risky and dangerous.   Tim indicated that if we cancel the BassingBob tournament he will likely cancel the Joe Bass Tournament as well.

If we both cancel our tournaments this coming weekend, the next Bassing Bob tournament is January 20th, Joe Bass will rechedule their tournament for the following day, January 21st.   The BassingBob tournament if cancelled this weekend will be rescheduled for February 3rd.    Much like two weeks ago, if we see some clear weather and decent conditions on  weekend without a tournament scheduled we will schedule another ad-hoc $50.00 tournament.   Pics below of the water today and forecast.   

Thanks all for understanding.



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