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Saturday, September 30th
Clear Sky - Wind: 8.99 Mph
91.7 °F

Bassing Bob January 20th, 2018 Tournament Update – Tournament Is On

Update Friday January 19, 2018 – 6;30PM

Current Lake Conditions:         

 Ice line this morning was just below Tan-Tara.   Main lake is open from Tan-Tara to the Dam.  Many of the coves, especially south coves still have ice midway to the backs of coves, with most north coves open to the back shallow flats on the lower end.  Many of the creek channel banks toward the backs of coves have ice.   May have to catchem on secondary and main lake points or on the creek channel banks from mid way to mouth of coves.

Forecast:                                      Saturday, Take off 8:00AM 43 Degrees, Weigh-in 3PM 54 Degrees

Ramps:                                         Coffman Open, Alhonna Open, Shawnee Bend Open 

Alhonna Cove:                             Open in front of all slips.

Tournament Status:                     ON

I mostly checked the lake conditions from about 1:00 – 4:00 today.   The main lake of the Glaze is moslty ice, with opening from mouth of party cove all the way to the Osage.   The coves/creeks are icy including PB2, however a couple of boats including me drove our boats from the ramp to the mouth breaking up some ice in PB2.   Shawnee Bend is open, several boats put in at Shawnee Bend today as I saw trucks and trailers in the parking lot.   There was ice in the front of 3 of the ramp lanes, but I broke all of that up with my boat, see picture.   The ramp at Alhonna is open, however if you put in here be sure to back your trailer well into the water as it is a bit shallow on the bank.   There is ice in the back of many creeks from Tan Tara to the dam covering up some good back of cove creek channel banks, but there is plenty of fishable water, however the closer to the dam, the more open the water towards the backs of coves/creeks.

Hope to see you all tomorrow.   Feel free to call/text me at 314-575-5545 or email to


Update Thursday January 18, 2018

Current Lake Conditions:           Main lake lower end to past the toll bridge is open

Forecast:                                      Friday, Mostly Sunny High of High of 55 and Low of 34 w SW 9-12MPH Winds

                                                       Saturday, Cloudy, High 56 and Low 46 with Souyh  8-10  MPH Winds

Ramps:                                         Coffman Open, Alhonna Open, Shawnee Bend Ice – will check SB tomorrow

Alhonna Cove:                             Open to the just before the last set of docks, last set of docks are being broke up

Tournament Status:                     ON

After driving around the lake today from mouth of the Glaze to the Dam, the main lake is open, most of the north coves and creeks are open with the exception of the very back shallow flats.   The coves on the south side are not getting wind and most of them have ice.  There is plenty of fishable water to hold the tournament, especially considering we have one more day of warmer temperatures and good wind.

Alhonna Dock

Alhonna at the Ramp

Looking out from JB Hooks, Toll Bridge area.


Update Wednesday January 17th

Current Lake Conditions:           Ice on the Lake but slowly melting.

Forecast:                                      Thursday, Sunny High of 45 and Low of 27 w 9-12MPH Winds

                                                       Friday, Mostly Sunny High of High of 53 and Low of 34 w 10-12MPH Winds

                                                       Saturday, Cloudy, High 52 and Low 44 with 9MPH Winds

Ramps:                                         Unknown, will check tomorrow (Thursday)

Alhonna Cove:                             Unknown, will check tomorrow

Tournament Status:                     Tentative but hopeful.

After several days of severe cold the lake finally froze over last night.   The winds the past few days has kept the lake relatively open but the lack of wind last night caused the lake to freeze over.   However, this afternoon the sun has already started to thaw some openings in the lake.   The Niagua is totally frozen and has been for a few days, but that is to be expected due to the shallow water.   The pics below, a morning pic with total freezing and this afternoon with some thawing were taken from my condo in the Glaze, looking toward PB2.   The forecast is expected to be above freezing with wind and sunshine Thursday and partly sunny with wind on Friday, that should open up the lake for fishing.  However, I need to see how quickly the warmth and wind the next two days will melt the ice.    Stay tuned.  I hope to have a final decision by tomorrow night (Thursday) or maybe need to wait until Friday mid day.  I hope that you all are ok with that decision timing.   We really hope to have the tournament, the conditions the next couple of days are in our favor but ice on the lake makes it no go, stay tuned.



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