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Ned Bomb Dropping From Missile Baits at Bassmaster Classic




Ned Bomb Dropping From Missile Baits at Bassmaster Classic

Salem, Va. – March 11, 2019 – The next creation from Missile Baits, the Ned Bomb, is being launched at the Bassmaster Classic. The Ned Rig has gone from fad to staple technique for bass anglers all over the world. The successful D Bomb shape was morphed into a 3.25” bait that uses the ribs and thin beaver tail to match up perfectly to a Ned head. The tail gives subtle movement to the bait even at rest since the Ned Bomb will stand up on a Ned jig head.

John Crews, pro angler and Missile Baits owner, said, “The Ned Rig is a technique that is growing and growing since it catches so many fish that it became apparent we needed to make a Missile model. The Ned Bomb utilizes the ribs and thin beaver shaped tail to give anglers something they don’t have in a Ned bait- a bait that has subtle action even at rest. We made it float as much as we could and it blistered them in testing!”

The Ned Bomb will come in 10 colors including Green Pumpkin, Candy Bomb, MM3, Pinkalicious, and PB&J. They will come 10 baits to a bag for a suggested retail price of $3.99. The first retail outlet for the Ned Bombs will be at the Bassmaster Classic in the Dick’s Sporting Goods booth. Retailers all over will be receiving their orders during or right after the Bassmaster Classic.


MISSILE BAITS is a small company dedicated to creating SERIOUS soft plastic baits to help anglers catch more fish. The designs are straight off the top-level professional bass tour. Based in Salem, Virginia, MISSILE BAITS works relentlessly to make the best baits, show their customers how to use them, and stay on the cutting edge of bass fishing. Founded in January 2012, new products and videos will continue to be launched. Log onto for videos, tips, forums, and more.

For information:, or Contact: John Crews at
PO Box 1045

Salem, VA 24153
Phone: (855) HOOKSET (855-466-5738)


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