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Thursday, September 28th
Overcast Clouds - Wind: 0 Mph
69.1 °F

Bagnell Dam Update – 6/4/19

Truman is discharging approximately 42,000 cfs. Bagnell is at full generation capacity and is discharging approximately 40,500 cfs. The current plan is to continue this discharge from both facilities unless rain and inflows dictate higher discharges. If the rain forecasted today falls as forecasted, it should not have much of an impact. We are still monitoring the forecasted rain for later in the week. When the Missouri River at Hermann drops, Bagnell expect Truman to discharge at the stage 3 criteria, which would create flows up to 80,000 cfs. This is currently forecasted to happen over this weekend. As always, all of this is dependent on rain, river levels, and inflows into both the Lake of the Ozarks and Truman. The COE and Ameren continue to communicate frequently to manage the situation.

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