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Missouri Invitational Fish and Golf Championship 2019 Rules

Missouri Invitational Fish and Golf Championship 2019 Pro-Am Buddy Tournament  

Old Kinderhook -Lake of the Ozarks November 13th, 14thand 15th 

Entry Fee:  

$1,000.00 per amateur, paid in advance. There is no fee for the Pro- Anglers.  

Tournament Hours:  

There will be no formal take off from any particular ramp. You can put in where you want and when you want.  Lines in the water will be at 7:30AM. You may put your boat in and get to your first fishing hole and start fishing at 7:30. You may put your boat in and get to your first fishing hole to start fishing at 7:30. 

Check-in Time at each ramp will be at 3:30PM 

  1. Inside Bouy’s at 3:30PM at PB2 and at Shawnee Bend Access. 
  1. Within Site of courtesy dock at 3:30 at Larry Gale Ramp. 


Fishing: All fish must be caught during the tournament hours.  

Golf: Thursday, November 14thShot gun start at 10:00AM – Finish.  

Boat Check/Take-Off/Due-In/Weigh-in Times 


6:00AM – Live well checks at Old Kinderhook. 

7:30AM – First Lines in the water (see above for ramp take-off locations) 

3:30PM – Inside buoys of PB2 and Shawnee Bend, in eye site of courtesy dock of Larry Gale 

4:00PM – 4:15 Weigh-in begins at Old Kinderhook. 


Take Off and Weigh-in:  

You can take off from any of the three following ramps at any time the morning of the tournament; 

Larry Gale Ramp In the Niangua (same place we took off last year). 

Public Beach 2 (PB2) in the Glaize Arm of the Lake 

Shawnee Bend Access 

You must take out at the same ramp you put in.  No trailering of boats to other ramps during the day. 

We will ask you all on Tuesday evening where you plan to take-off from.  That way if inclement weather, you all can collaborate on sand/salt, etc. if needed. 

Pro-Am Buddy Team:  

Pros and amateurs are fishing and golfing together as a team against the other teams. Each team will be paired with a golf Pro for the golf scramble. Golf Pro’s will be randomly assigned.Live Well Checks:  

Live well checks will start at 6:00AM. A tournament official must check your live well prior to your takeoff.  

Tackle and Equipment:  

Only artificial baits may be used. Pork style baits will be allowed.  

Multi-rigs Restricted:  

Multi-rig baits (i.e. Alabama Rig, Yumbrella, etc.) are restricted from use. Should you have any questions about your bait being considered a multi-rig bait, check with tournament officials prior to take-off. Anyone caught fishing with a multi-rig bait will be disqualified from the tournament.  

No Trolling:  

All bass must be caught on a rod and reel.  

Boats and Motors:  

Any boat 14 feet or longer will be accepted. Boats must have a functional live well and a functional kill switch. No trailering during tournament hours.  

Safety and Sportsmanship:  

Safe boating and fishing practices must be observed. Life jackets must be worn with kill switch attached at any time the big motor is running. All Missouri Department of Conservation and Missouri State Water Patrol regulations and laws apply. Alcohol consumption is not permitted in a contestant’s boat during fishing tournament hours.  

Fishing Off-limit Locations:  

Due to heavy tournaments recently on Lake of the Ozarks, we are putting the following off limits for the MO Invitational: 

  1. All of Pa He Tsi cove (just to the North East of Public Beach 2) to the point of the second cove to the South of Public Beach 2, which are the two coves to the south of PB2.   Drawing a straight line from Pa He Tsi point to the second cove to the south of PB2.   That includes the hump outside of PB2. 
  1. Inside the buoys of Shawnee Bend Access. 



Ties for final standings and pay-outs will be broken by the team with the biggest bass, followed by lowest golf score, then by earliest registration of Co-Angler.  

Scored Fish:  

Largemouth and Smallmouth bass 15” in length or larger and Spotted bass 12” in length or larger will be scored for your team’s top 5 fish. Amateurs will be competing for the biggest bass, as such, 6 fish may be kept in the live well in the event the amateurs biggest fish is not one of the best 5 fish for the team. The amateurs big bass must be separated via a culling ball or separate in the live well to avoid confusion of which bass was caught by the amateur.  

Golf Format and Scoring; 18 Holes of Golf: Golf will be executed as 3-person scramble. The team will consist of the same fishing team of Pro and amateur and an assigned golf Pro. Golf Pro’s will be randomly assigned. Only 2 putts will be allowed per team per hole. Golf Pros are not allowed to take any shot for a Pro or amateur fisherman that does not wish to golf. If a fishing Pro or amateur does not desire to hit a golf shot, that shot is forfeited.  

Golf will be scored based on the following per hole: 1/2 Pound for a Par. 1 1/2 Pound for a Birdie. 3 Pounds for an Eagle. 25lb max score cap for golf.  

Golf and Fishing Combined Scoring:  

Your team’s score will be based on your total of the following: 2 days of fishing at the actual weight of your catch. 18 holes of golf points accumulated as outlined above.  

Short Fish/Dead Fish Penalty:  

Any fish brought to the scales that are under the specified length will result in a 1-pound deduction of your total weight plus the loss of the fish. Dead fish will result in a 1-pound penalty but not loss of fish. Culling of a dead fish is prohibited. Only 5 bass will be allowed in the live well at any time, unless in the process of culling. 6 fish are allowed in the event that the amateur’s big bass is not one of the best 5 fish for the team weight 


Must be filed 15 minutes after weigh-in.  

Check in Late Penalty:  

1 pound per minute up to 10 minutes, then disqualification. No excuses.  


Each tournament day is subject to cancellation, reschedule of day’s event or delay prior to event beginning time at the discretion of the tournament committee. In the event of cancellation of one day’s event the tournament will be executed as a two-day tournament regardless of the sport. In the event that two days need to be cancelled, the event will be determined by the one day’s event, in the event that all days of event need to be cancelled each amateur will receive a full refund of entry fees paid.  


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