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Big Bass Bash Family Suffers Tragic Loss in Lake of the Ozarks Boat Crash; Links and Updates

Dawn Marie Steinkuehler (most of us knew her as Marie Terrell), daughter of Big Bass Bash founder Randy and Diane Terrell, was killed after the boat she was riding in was hit by another vessel. Four others were injured, including Marie’s husband, Brad and 13 year old daughter Hayden; both remain in critical condition. Most of us know Marie and the Terrell family due to their very popular fishing tournaments, Anglers in Action and Big Bass Bash.

This article will be continually updated with news items, funeral arrangements and other relevant information regarding this tragedy.

8/3 Update

Funeral Plan for Marie

Services: Funeral from Kutis Affton Chapel, 10151 Gravois, Friday, August 7, 11:30 a.m. Interment Sunset Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, contributions to Marie Terrell and Brad and Hayden Steinkuehler GoFundMe or St. Louis Children’s Hospital appreciated. Visitation Thursday, 4-9 p.m.

Steinkuehler, Dawn Marie



8/2 Update from Terrell Family


Funeral arrangements are being finalized and we will have more information later this week for our Angel Marie.

8/2 – Hayden

Hayden surprised us all yesterday with a “thumbs up” when asked to do so.   The doctors got her to repeat it multiple times.   The doctors held the phone up to her while I was on FaceTime and I asked her to squeeze Nana’s hand if she could see me, and she did!   She has opened her eyes a few times today and my mom is sure that she sees her.

She is definitely making progress.

Her oxygen requirements from the ventilator are less than yesterday.

We do believe she is in a lot of pain.   She is very agitated and doctors are checking her lungs for debris.  They will try again to pull the ventilator tube in the next 24/48 hours.   I’m sure her head and shoulder (badly injured) hurt a lot.  She has had a couple of times today where it is apparent that she is crying and she does squeeze hands when asked if she is hurting. Her labs and vital signs are good.

8/2 – Brad

When asking his nurse today if the fact he needs to have a BM and the likelihood he is in tremendous pain from the injuries he has endured are related to his elevated levels.

However, he STILL needs to be off all sedation before the bolt can be removed. Bolt needs to go so we can obtain an MRI in order to have a good idea of his overall clinical picture.

He is still not following commands but has a lot of drugs in his system so the team is not discouraged by this for the time being. The surgical wound on his neck is healing and the dressing type is now dry, the injuries he endured on his L ear are open to air in order to heal.

We will likely have a meeting with his medical providers next week to discuss his case.

We ask that you continue to pray for Hayden, Brad and everyone in the family.  The family greatly appreciates all the messages and donations to the Go Fund me page.

This will be a long process for all involved.

7/30 Update from the Terrell Family

7/30 Hayden

Hayden has had a few bumps over past 24 hours so her sedation was restarted and added another, and she is requiring more oxygen.

Tests were done on her heart and found that her heart is good.   She is a little puffy but her labs are normal.

Really, the next big plans barring any hurdles are to try and wean her sedation again

7/30 Brad –

Trauma cleared and they have determined that the remaining foreign objects that are embedded are plastic and fiberglass.

However, he has a different hurdle to overcome prior to getting that MRI we so desperately want to see.   This will give the doctors a better understanding of the extent of Brad’s injuries.  This may take a few days to a week.

Additionally, he has fluid building up which is still a major concern.

Now for some good news. I was able to spend a tiny bit of time with Brad yesterday and FaceTime Cherie while there. Brad is responding to painful stimulation and also exhibiting signs of purposeful movement. He is not following commands, remember that he is sedated. I could see his eyes moving as Cherie and I spoke to him. As I held his hand he moved his legs as though trying to cross his ankles. It was very moving.

Funeral arrangements are being made for our beloved Marie.  Currently a date is not set but we will let everyone know as we have more details.

Please continue to pray for Brad, Hayden, The Terrell Family and The Steinkhueler Family”

7/29 Update from the Terrell Family

To the Big Bass Bash and AIA Family we would like to update everyone on the status of Hayden and her father, Brad.

Hayden currently is at Children’s Hospital in St Louis, Missouri.  She was transported there this past Sunday.   Hayden’s Neurology Team at Barnes continues to monitor her brain activity for further swelling and complications.   At the same time, they have seen spinal improvement over the past few days which is reassuring as far as movement in her extremities.  Doctors are worried that communication and cognitive skills could be compromised due to her injuries.  Time will tell as she battles her heart out to survive.

Brad is being treated at Barnes Hospital in St. Louis, MO.   Brad’s status is unchanged since he was transported this past Sunday.  Doctors are waiting to perform an MRI in order to discern brain injuries.   There have been complications with the process that the medical team is dealing with at this time.  He has been responding to stimulation but not following commands.  Brad is fighting the fight for his daughter and his family.

We ask that everyone continue to pray daily for both of them.  This will be a long battle that the entire family will have to endure for years to come.  We also ask for you to pray for our angel in heaven, Marie.

We will continue to update their prognosis on this page every few days.  We appreciate the outpouring from the entire community.  We ask everyone to share the go fund me page link in lieu of flowers at this time.

Below are some links for you to follow and Funeral arrangements when announced:

Water Patrol Incident Report

Lake Expo Article

Channel 4 News St. Louis News Report

Case Net Case Against Accused John Bennet

Enter Case #: 20CM-CR00862

Accused Released from Jail on Bond

Go Fund Me Page with Updates

The family has set-up a Go Fund Me Page for donations to assist with medical costs, rehabilitation and other family needs.

The page will also be used by the family to post updates.


Funeral Arrangements, Gifts and Flowers

As of the time of this article, July 28th, the family has not yet announced funeral arrangements.  This will be very tricky as there will be thousands that will desire to pay respects and yet we still have to contend with Covid-19 spread.

As of now the family encourages you to donate on the Go Fund Me Page.

We will be posting updates to this article as we receive relevant information

Please pray for the Terrell and SteinKuehler Family.   The family has expressed their thanks and gratitude for everyone’s prayers, kind words and support.

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