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FLW (Fishing League Worldwide)


Fishing League Worldwide, better known as FLW, is the world’s largest tournament-fishing organization, providing unparalleled fishing resources and opportunities for anglers, sponsors, fans and host communities.

FLW is committed to providing a lifestyle experience that is the best in fishing, on and off the water. This is accomplished through a variety of platforms, including the sport’s largest tournaments, family-friendly expos, award-winning television, industry-leading live streaming video, a cutting-edge website, insightful magazine content and social media with more than 1 million fans.



Core Values

We provide fair, competitive tournaments and deliver on our brand promise with respect and sound principles of character.

We are dedicated to giving back and improving each community we visit. Through our family-friendly events and community partnerships, we build strong relationships everywhere we go. Community outreach is an integral part of our tradition of valued community service.

We uphold a sincere passion and respect for our anglers, sponsors, fans, employees, communities and partners who share a common love for the competitive and recreational spirit of fishing. We are committed to providing excitement and entertainment to families through unique, creative experiences, while also promoting public awareness for the sport of fishing. Our loyalty to our constituents has created strong, long-term relationships.

We are leaders in conservation, fishing education and protection of our resources. We elevate our environmental commitment by fostering innovative approaches to conservation by maintaining industry-leading live-release rates. We are committed to protecting the environment and educating others to do the same.

We elevate the sport of fishing by providing a distinct and unique experience at our events and through multiple FLW platforms, cutting-edge technology such as FLW Live and creative marketing strategies. We set the standard in our industry.



The tournament-fishing landscape changed dramatically on July 24, 1996, when Minneapolis businessman Irwin L. Jacobs purchased a little-known bass-tournament organization in the small town of Gilbertsville, Ky., renamed it FLW after the legendary founder of Ranger Boats, Forrest L. Wood, and signed major corporations as sponsors for the world’s most lucrative bass-tournament circuit — the FLW Tour.

Jacobs recognized that there was spectacular demand among enthusiastic bass anglers for well-organized tournaments with all-cash paybacks. His goal was to grow the sport and increase its participation base by supplying these anglers with opportunities to compete in professionally conducted events that would also engage the sport’s growing fan base through innovative print, online and television coverage.

Jacobs envisioned a complete hierarchy of tournament circuits that would accommodate everyone from the beginner to the full-time touring professional. The key to the hierarchy was a series of qualifying circuits that allowed anglers to advance to the next level of competition and correspondingly bigger payouts.

Since Jacobs first sought to change the tournament-fishing landscape in 1996, FLW has grown into the world’s largest tournament-fishing organization. FLW adopted its Fishing League Worldwide tagline in 2014 and has since added events in Canada, China, Italy, Korea, Mexico Portugal, Spain and South Africa. Today FLW is the only tournament organization to serve bass anglers of all skill levels from coast to coast in the United State plus internationally in eight countries as of 2018.


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