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Joe Bass Team Trail

JOE BASS offers 9 Divisions, Table Rock, Pomme De Terre, Stockton, Truman, Grand, Mark Twain, Bull Shoals, Ozarks, and Open. 48 tournaments for you to fish for the opportunity to qualify for the annual JOE BASS Team Invitational where thousands of dollars in cash and prizes will be awarded.

JOE BASS features; state of the art weigh-in equipment, our own live release pontoon, high paybacks, no penalty for signing up at the ramp, pro packs at every tournament, 1st Place and 1st Big Bass plaques awarded at every tournament, low membership and entry fees, plus the opportunity to attend our Team Invitational.

We would like to invite you to become a member of JOE BASS Team Trail and experience the difference.
* LOWEST entry fees compared to our area compatible tournament trail! $130.00

*Benefits, Benefits, Benefits! Lot’s of Value, Affordable Entry.

*Sponsor Incentives that earn extra cash.

*No penalty for signing up at the ramp. 1st trail in the Ozarks to offer no late fee penalty!

*Our own live release pontoon boat. Others collect for it, WE DO IT!

*Pro Packs awarded at each event. Pro Packs awarded on participation rather than performance, everyone has a chance.

*1st Place & 1st Place Big Bass plaques awarded at each event.

*Random Polygraph. Others collect for it, WE DO IT!

*Team Invitational. Only qualified teams will be invited to our year ending invitational.

*JOE BASS Team Trail tournaments are provided as an advertising opportunity for our sponsors not our livelihood.

*Opportunity to fish the BASSMASTER CLASSIC!

*Every paid member receives a subscription to B.A.S.S. Times

Our team invitational will be held at the conclusion of the 2014 team season. Locations for the team invitational will include, Table Rock, Pomme De Terre, Truman, Grand, Lake of the Ozarks, Bull Shoals, or Stockton.

We have chosen these lakes for their close driving proximity. At JOE BASS we realize the expense of traveling to a location completely neutral to all of our divisions. So it is our decision that it would be beneficial to all of our anglers to keep it close resulting in the possibility of a team invitational on a divisional lake.

Each team invitational will have an $160.00 entry fee. The payback will be 80%. We will payback 1 for each 5 entered. Qualifying will be determined through Division competition. Numerous sponsor products will be awarded. Division Champions will be recognized and rewarded for their accomplishment.

Win a NEW Skeeter boat & Yamaha outboard combination at the 2014 JOE BASS TEAM INVITATIONAL.
Every team that attends the 2014 Joe Bass Team Trail Invitational will have an equal opportunity to win the draw boat. The Skeeter/Yamaha package will be awarded based on participation, rather than performance. Equaling everyone’s chance to WIN. 1st Place will be a minimum of $5000.00!

At the JOE BASS Team Trail invitational thousands of dollars in cash and prizes will be awarded.

Division Champions from each division receives their entry fee paid into the annual JOE BASS Team Invitational. In addition the Division Champion team will be #1 boat position the following season.

Your Pathway to the BASSMASTER CLASSIC
Here’s how it works.
First Stop: Bassmaster Team Championship (BTC)…Joe Bass Team Trail will qualify one (1) team to the Bassmaster Team Championship for every 50 Joe Bass teams.
Bassmaster Classic Qualifier: The top 3 teams (6 anglers) from the Bassmaster Team Championship, will advance and compete individually in the Bassmaster Classic Qualifier for a berth in the Bassmaster Classic.
On to the Bassmaster Classic: Top individual from the Bassmaster Classic Qualifier wins berth in the prestigious Bassmaster Classic.

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