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Thursday, September 28th
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Big Bass Blast Table Rock

Tournament Results On November 2, 2013

General Information
Date November 2, 2013 Reporter
Number of Boats 275 Location Long Creek Marina
Weather/Water Conditions
Water Temperature 65 Sky Partly Cloudy
Air Temperature 38-55 Generation
Tournament Results
Placement Angler(s) Name Total Keepers Total Weight
1st Place Kent Sullivan 0.00
2nd Place Bill Brewer 0.00
3rd Place Roger Satterfield 4.58
Big Bass Award
1st Place Big Bass Winner Name Big Bass Weight
Tournament Notes

Bassing Bob would like to thank Mike Webb, Director of Central Pro Am, for welcoming us and putting on the first Big Bass Blast at Table Rock Lake

Kent Sullivan walked away with a cool $12,500 dollars yesterday as the winner of the first Central Pro Am Big Bass Blast. Sullivan brought a 5.77 pound largemouth to the scales besting the second place fish of Bill Brewer more than half of pound to take first place honors. Sullivan reported catching the fish in the Indian Point area of the lake on a jigging spoon approximately 20′ deep in a boat slip.

Second Place angler Bill Brewer took home a total of $7000 for his 4.91 pound fish followed by third place finisher Roger Satterfield with a 4.58 pound brute that netted him a $4000 payday.

Weigh-in winners each took home $2000 with tenth place for each weigh in earning $150 for their efforts.

In addition to the weigh in festivities BBQ lunch was served to the competitors when they returned to the ramp and Nitro Pro staff was on site to offer test drives in brand new Nitro boats.

Central Pro Am would like to thank Bass Pro Shops and The Branson Chamber of Commerce for their support of this event.

Complete results and pay back below:

Overall Winners
Payout Place First Name Last Name Weight
10,000 1st Kent Sullivan 5.77
5,000 2nd Bill Brewer 4.91
3,000 3rd Roger Satterfield 4.58

1st weigh in
Payout Place First Name Last Name Weight
2,000 1st Curtis Biram 3.85
1,000 2nd Jerry Willis 2.94
800 3rd Justin Hoffman 2.87
600 4th Bobby Albert 2.80
500 5th Kent Sullivan 2.74
400 6th Gary Brach 2.73
300 7th James Burrow 2.71
200 8th Joe Brantley 2.53
150 9th Rand Woods 2.52
150 10th Josh Busby 2.40

2nd weigh in
Payout Place First Name Last Name Weight
2,000 1st Kent Sullivan 5.77
1,000 2nd Aaron Heitman 3.35
800 3rd Ed Hula 3.24
600 4th Brent Algeo 3.20
500 5th Robert York 3.18
400 6th Gary St Clair 3.12
300 7th Shane Boyd 2.78
200 8th Tom Buehler 2.75
150 9th Eddie Snow 2.68
150 10th Donovan Hensley 2.63

3rd weigh in
Payout Place First Name Last Name Weight
2,000 1st Darrell McCracken 4.02
1,000 2nd Bob Simmons 3.88
800 3rd William Gain 3.84
600 4th Tom Buehler 3.63
500 5th Kevin Dickey 3.62
400 6th Marvin Carney 3.53
300 7th Jeff Epley 3.47
200 8th Eddie Snow 3.39
150 9th Brock Tabor 3.15
150 10th Cody Millican 3.00

4th weigh in
Payout Place First Name Last Name Weight
2,000 1st Bill Brewer 4.91
1,000 2nd Roger Satterfield 4.58
800 3rd Jeff Epley 4.22
600 4th Brock Tabor 4.08
500 5th David Hennigh 4.02
400 6th Bob Simmons 3.77
300 7th Shane Pickett 3.26
200 8th Brian Cunningham 3.24
150 9th Ed Hula 3.07
150 10th Marvin Carney 3.04

Tournament Photos

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