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Bassing Bob-Robins Resort Winter Bass Challenge Results

Tournament Results On January 11, 2014

General Information
Date January 11, 2014 Reporter
Number of Boats 29 Location Robins Resort
Weather/Water Conditions
Water Temperature 37-40 Sky Mostly Sunny
Air Temperature 40's Generation Minimum
Tournament Results
Placement Angler(s) Name Total Keepers Total Weight
1st Place Dale Burgman – Jared Staver 5 16.57
2nd Place Kyle Meyer – Derrick Tyree 5 16.06
3rd Place Kobe Asberry – John Taylor 5 14.92
Big Bass Award
1st Place Big Bass Winner Name Big Bass Weight
Jake Sesfert – Kirk Fischer 5.05
Tournament Notes

Thanks to all the anglers that came out and fished the Bassing Bob-Robins Resort Winter Bass Challenge today. You are a great group of guys and excellent fishermen. It was a pleasure to meet all of you and we appreciate the effort you put into getting to the lake with the conditions as they were early in the week. The weather continued to get better as the week went on and monitoring the lake, roads and ramps was a top priority this week.
29 boats took off at 8 AM out of Robins Resort for the second of four Bassing Bob-Robins Resort Winter Bass Challenge. Donuts and coffee were provided to the anglers before the tournament take off and hot dogs and refreshments during the weigh in. There were 15 teams that weighed in fish. There were 5 teams that had a 5 bag limit.
The report was that the bite was not quite on just yet as the water temperature has dropped quite a bit along with the beginning of the winter draw down. The majority of the keepers caught were caught on jerkbaits and jigs.

Other Bassing Bob Unique Payouts:

Slot Prize was awarded to Jake Sesfert and Kirk Fischer for weighing 10.53lbs. The Slot Prize is a unique payout that allows an angler to win 10% of entry fees by having the closest weight to 5lbs off the 1st place weight, but cannot exceed that amount.

Lowest Weight with 5 keepers was awarded to Timm Gallagher and Ron Arbuthnot. They totaled all of their bass at 9.23lbs.

Courtesy Pot for top weight for a Bassing Bob member or guest of Robins Resort was awarded to Dale Burgman and Jared Staver with a total weight of 16.57lbs.

Big Bass Side Pot was awarded to Jake Sesfert and
Kirk Fischer with a total 5.05lbs.

::All Weigh-In Totals::

1. Dale Burgman – Jared Staver
Total Fish: 5 Total Weight: 16.57 Big Bass: 4.58

2. Kyle Meyer – Derrick Tyree
Total Fish: 5 Total Weight:16.06

3. Kobe Asberry – John Taylor
Total Fish: 5 Total Weight: 14.92

4. Jay Hulsey
Total Fish:5 Total Weight: 12.66

5. Jake Sesfert – Kirk Fischer
Total Fish: 3 Total Weight: 10.53 Big Bass: 5.05

6. Marcus Sykora – Bill Davenport
Total Fish: 4 Total Weight: 9.3

7. Tim Gallagher – Ron Arbuthnot
Total Fish: 5 Total Weight: 9.23

8. Scott Melton – Steve Ortiz
Total Fish: 3 Total Weight: 8.61 Big Bass: 3.89

9. Anthony Ferranto -Jay Ziegler
Total Fish: 4 Total Weight: 8.13

10. Dennis Berhorst – Roger Fitzpatrick
Total Fish: 3 Total Weight: 7.23

11. David McCormick
Total Fish: 3 Total weight: 6.6

12. Bill Jared – Rich Carpenter
Total Fish: 1 Big Bass: 4.06

13. John Reidler – Dalton Huegerich
Total Fish: 2 Total Weight: 3.84

14. Shawn Andreason – Willie Maxwell
Total Fish: 1 Total Weight: 3.44 Big Bass: 3.44

15. Mel Taschler – Scotty Crady
Total FishL 1 Total Weight: 1.96

Jim Burt
Greg Bechtel – Jeff Green
Mark Myers
Chuck Mueller – Chris Dunlip
Justin Wolfson – Chris Reineke
Robert Harry – Edward Keating
Matt Nagle – Warren Lichins
Ron Froehlich – Vince McRoberts
Jim Young – Terry McCormick
Terry Blankenship – Mike Malone
David Poort – Wayne Fitzpatrick
Glenn Young
Frank Clayton – Christopher Murphy
Rich Callison

Tournament Photos

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