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Bass World Sports Tournament Association

Tournament Results On March 9, 2014

General Information
Date March 9, 2014 Reporter
Number of Boats 30 Location PB2
Weather/Water Conditions
Water Temperature 37-40 Sky Sunny
Air Temperature 50's Generation Minimum
Tournament Results
Placement Angler(s) Name Total Keepers Total Weight
1st Place Joe Terry and Dirk Sluyter 5 16.41
2nd Place Joel Justus and Kenny Sheets 5 14.77
3rd Place Terry Blankenship and Mike Malone 5 11.12
Big Bass Award
1st Place Big Bass Winner Name Big Bass Weight
Tom Silber and John Luzynski 6.00
Tournament Notes

1st Place-clown jerkbaits and green pumpkin Dirk’s Jigs around the Dam area in 6-12 feet of water around chuck rock

2nd Place-Obsession Custom jerkbaits and green Crock O Gator Jigs around the dam area in 5-12 feet of water.

3rd Place-shad jerkbaits and green Crock O Gator Jigs in 4-10 feet of water around the 2-mile marker area.

4th place winners Tom Silber and John Luzynski, from Labadie and St Louis, MO, weighed 2 fish for 8-28 Lbs winning $420.00, including Tom’s $140.00 for second big bass with his 6-06 Lb bass.

5th place winners Greg West and Sheldon Gentry, from Lake Ozark and Lohman, MO, weighed in 5 fish for 8-16 Lbs winning $300.00, including $60.00 in bonus sidepot money.

6th place winners Scott Stonitsch and John Bledsoe, from Camdenton, MO, weighed in 5 fish for 7-39 Lbs

7th place winners Randy and Patrick Krull, from Ballwin and Ellisville, MO, weighed in 4 fish for 7-34 Lbs

Division Top Point Team Winners Chuck Austin and Dale Burgman, from St Peters and Camdenton, MO. Won with 535 Points and weighed in 50-08 Lbs of fish

17 boats weighed in 49 fish for 111-67 Lbs. 5-5 fish limits

Next tournament Lake Ozarks Winter Division 14 at PB#2 Boat Ramp 10/12/14

Tournament Photos

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