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Monday, September 25th
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Missouri Angler Wednesday Night Tournament

Tournament Results On July 23, 2014

General Information
Date July 23, 2014 Reporter Mark Fitzgerald
Number of Boats 34 Location PB#2
Weather/Water Conditions
Water Temperature 81 Sky Sunny
Air Temperature 80-85 Generation
Tournament Results
Placement Angler(s) Name Total Keepers Total Weight
1st Place Joe Terry 4 12.67
2nd Place Gary Phelps/Gary Toons 3 8.70
3rd Place Delbert Shepherd/Frankie Carroll 2 7.38
Big Bass Award
1st Place Big Bass Winner Name Big Bass Weight
Gary Phelps/Gary Toons 5.08
Tournament Notes

4th Charlie Hill/Shawn Kowal 3 7.27
5th Mike Beus/Roger Springs 3 6.63
6th Gerlad Clinton/Allen Hart 1 4.34

What a crazy night of fishing tonight. Bags were light, fishing was brutal for the field of 34. But as always, it was another fun tournament with Lou, Kathy, and the entire tournament staff. Also wanted to mention Jason, and the crew from Rippin’ Lips. They always mix it up with a special payout every week, so if you catch any fish, you might want to weigh them in, you just never know. Be safe, and as always, Happy Fishing!

Tournament Photos

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