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Callaway Bass Anglers Club Tournament

Tournament Results On September 14, 2014

General Information
Date September 14, 2014 Reporter Chad Deaver
Number of Boats Location Purvis
Weather/Water Conditions
Water Temperature 80 Sky Mostly Sunny
Air Temperature 55-72 Generation Minimum
Tournament Results
Placement Angler(s) Name Total Keepers Total Weight
1st Place Chad Deaver/ Jim Frank 5 16.95
2nd Place Terry Burt 5 16.32
3rd Place Cory and Ryan Fritz 5 12.64
Big Bass Award
1st Place Big Bass Winner Name Big Bass Weight
Terry Burt 5.07
Tournament Notes

Congratulations to Chad Deaver and Jim Frank for their top weight in Callaway Bass Anglers Club tournament Also I would like to thank Chad Deaver, on the first place winning team. for sending us the results and sharing his story with us.

Chad would like to thank his sponsors for all of their support:Omega Custom Tackle, PurKleen, Bass Pro Shops, Vicious Fishing, Fitz Tackle, Lar Signs, Rod Glove, Wieberg Roofing, Missouri Builders Service, Mertens Bait and Tackle and Muddy Water Baits

I prepared for this event by mainly looking for the shad were they on the main river or in the creeks. I would idle for hours looking for schools and marking them on GPS. Knowing they would be there or making a move to the backs. Each day up river I would check out a 10 mile stretch and finding which one would be the best.

Knowing typically the pattern stays the same up river just finding out which part of the river was better. Going into it knowing a topwater and flipping would seal the deal. I basically ran to patterns topwater and reaction baits in the mornings and cloud cover and flipping key docks were shad were present in the afternoon. We started our morning off around 55 mm fishing secondary points with little wind and shad on them. We threw black Omega Custom Tackle Buzz Baits till about noon and went threw about 25 keepers but nothing over 3.5 lbs. that’s when I knew it was time to go find a kicker fish. We then took a ride down couple miles and started flipping key docks were the shad were schooled up on. We would flip three or four docks then make our way to another creek until we found active fish. Around 2 we pulled in to a creek and seen on the fish finder that the shad were right in fronts of the docks and knew this was the creek. We flipped 3 docks with a Omega Custom Tackle flipping jig ( black blue) and put two key 4 lbers in the boat and knew we sealed the deal.

Fall fishing is all about adjustments threw out the day. The one key adjustment we made was first thing in the morning there was light wind and I knew it would push shad up shallow so as we made it up river we noticed a lot of activity on windy points. We stopped and changed are game plan and started fishing fast knowing wind wont last all day.

Our location for this tourney we were planning on was working the creeks from the 60 mm down to 55mm that’s were fish were most active for us couple days prior and the most shad activity that we had found over a 30 mile stretch.

Tournament Photos

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