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Thursday, September 28th
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USA Bassin Regional Championship Final Results

Tournament Results On September 13, 2015

General Information
Date September 13, 2015 Reporter Bob
Number of Boats 31 Location PB2
Weather/Water Conditions
Water Temperature 72-80 Sky Sunny
Air Temperature 60's - 70's Generation Light
Tournament Results
Placement Angler(s) Name Total Keepers Total Weight
1st Place Jim and Glen Young (2) Days 10 Keepers 0.00
2nd Place Chuck Bonnett and Greg Miller (2) Days 10 Keepers 0.00
3rd Place Rick Fishback and Denny Carver (2) Days 10 Keepers 0.00
Big Bass Award
1st Place Big Bass Winner Name Big Bass Weight
Jim and Glen Young 6.00
Tournament Notes

Today was the second day of the USA Bassin Regional Tournament, with the top 10 finishers qualifying for the USA Bassin Championship. 31 Qualifiers competed for these 10 spots in the national championship.

Today the top weights were a bit bigger than yesterday. Yesterdays weight of 18.xx was leading followed by a 16.xx bag and a 15.xx bag in third. Today two teams the Youngs and Bonnett and Miller, both coming into today with just over 12 pounds, each stuck em good today with a 20+ pound bag by the Youngs and a 19+ bag by Bonnett and Miller. Fishback and Carver, consistently stuck 15+ pounds each day to take 3rd place.

The patterns, baits and locations on the lake were discussed by each of the top three teams. Listen to their detailed reports under Audio Reports at on Bassing Bob.

Tournament Photos

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