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Monday, September 25th
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Final Of Missouri Invitational Pro-Am Buddy Tournament At Old Kinderhook

Tournament Results On October 31, 2015

General Information
Date October 31, 2015 Reporter Bob
Number of Boats 21 Location Old Kinderhook, Niangua Area
Weather/Water Conditions
Water Temperature 63-66 Sky Cloudy
Air Temperature 40's-50's Generation Minimum
Tournament Results
Placement Angler(s) Name Total Keepers Total Weight
1st Place Mark Weise, Jr. and Jarred Williams Day 2 Weight 21.18 3.00
2nd Place Marcus Sykora and Sam Billmeyer 2nd Day Weight 8.15 2.00
3rd Place Dion Hibdon and David Ludwikoski 2nd Day Weight 16.10 3.00
Big Bass Award
1st Place Big Bass Winner Name Big Bass Weight
Chad Brauer and Pat McVey 6.91
Tournament Notes

Wow, what an amazing weekend. Twenty-One Fishing Pro’s and Champions teamed with twenty-one amateur co-anglers in this weekends combined fishing and golf tournament. The unique style tournament format, included 2 days of fishing as a team (Pro – Amateur) and 9 holes of scramble golf to win a pot of the $15,325.00. This nice, first year event, impressive pot was fully funded by the amateur co-anlgers who put-up $500.00 registration fee and added to that initial pot by bidding in an auction style to fish with the Pro of their choice. The event was a collaboration between BassingBob and Old Kinderhook. OMG, the Old Kinderhook venue could not have been more perfect for this unique event. Old Kinderhook is like the Big Cedar of LOZ, with the addition of an on-premise golf course, the views and scenery is so “Ozark” picturesque. Day 1 run away leaders were Marcus Sykora and Sam Billmeyer and there were 3 teams tied for second and then a field of everyone else all within striking distance of cashing one of the 8 place checks. Sitting in 6th place going in to today, Mark Weise and Jarred Williams laid over 21 pounds on the field and with the top 6 not bringing any big bags to scales, wins the inaugural fishing and golf event. Most fisherman reported catching the majority of their big fish on top water baits. The top water bite seemed to be best on main lake points with big shallow rocks, behind the first few docks in a cove and seawalls. There is also a big bite on the end corners of docks, especially big condo and marina docks. The buzzbait, zara spook and plopper were all reported to be catching big ones. Some fisherman were also getting bit on a jig and spinner bait. The angler teams, with a few exceptions, did not go far. The best bite seemed to from inside the Nianguas to the Toll Bridge heading down and Hurricane Deck bridge area if heading up. See the pictures from the entire event at: See pics of final day weights.

Checks Paid to 1-8 places:
4th Place Wayne and Pat LaBoube 42.99
5th Place Casey Scanlon and Rob Bueltmann 41.25
6th Place James Watson and Randy Terrell 38.31
7th Place James Dill and Dana Zander 36.28
8th Place Dennis Berhorst and Ron Barry 36.60

Tournament Photos

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