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Missouri Angler Wednesday Night 2017 Kick-off Tournament – 4 Fish Limit

Tournament Results On April 19, 2017

General Information
Date April 19, 2017 Reporter Bob
Number of Boats 43 Location PB2 Lake of the Ozarks
Weather/Water Conditions
Water Temperature 66-74 Sky Clear
Air Temperature 70's Generation Minimum
Tournament Results
Placement Angler(s) Name Total Keepers Total Weight
1st Place Kenny Lee Wallander and TJ Farris 4 Fish Limit 15.87
2nd Place Andy Mostjago and Joey Sheperd 4 Fish Limit 15.29
3rd Place Mason Brock and Dan Weber 4 Fish Limit 14.97
Big Bass Award
1st Place Big Bass Winner Name Big Bass Weight
Randy Gan 5.02
Tournament Notes

43 boats took off from PB2 at 6:30PM for the kick-off tournament of the 2017 Missouri Anglers Wednesday Night tournament series. This is the second year that the tournament features a 4 fish limit, this seems to be a very popular format for the 3.5 hour tournament. Weigh-in tonight saw many teams with 4 fish limits with the winning bag of 15.87 pounds, quite impressive for 4 fish. The winners, Kenny Lee Wallander and TJ Farris, reported catching their keeper bass tonight on a shaky head with a worm fishing varying patterns, with no single pattern dominating their catch. They said that they caught fish from right on the bank to 20′ deep. Most of the anglers reported catching their fish on the Carolina Rig, Jig, Crankbaits and Creature Banks fishing near and around spawning pockets and rock transition banks from chunk rock to pea gravel.

My fishing partner Bob Renken and I finished 4th place with 14.77 pounds with our biggest fish being 4.37 pounds. We caught all of our fish on the Carolina Rig on secondary points, main lake pockets and the mouth of spawning pockets. While a couple of our 10 keepers came close to the bank, the majority of our fish were caught well off the bank in 6′-12′ of water and most were pre-spawn fish, very clean, not signs of having spawned yet.

Tournament Photos

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