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Big Bass Bash Spring 2017

Tournament Results On April 23, 2017

General Information
Date April 23, 2017 Reporter Bob
Number of Boats 2600 Location Lake of the Ozarks
Weather/Water Conditions
Water Temperature 60-68 Sky Mixed
Air Temperature 40-70 Generation Minimum
Tournament Results
Placement Angler(s) Name Total Keepers Total Weight
1st Place Robert Neuman 1 Big One 6.95
2nd Place Tim Robinson 1 Big One 6.91
3rd Place Rick Voss 1 Big One 6.80
Big Bass Award
1st Place Big Bass Winner Name Big Bass Weight
Robert Neunan 6.95
Tournament Notes

The spring 2017 Big Bass Bash was projected to be a slug fest for big Lake of the Ozarks bass, but it turned out to not be so. The biggest fish a 6.95 pounder is an awesome LOZ bass, however most predicted that a heavy 7 pounder or even an 8 pounder would be the winning weight. A cold front hit the lake on Friday and apparently really moved the fish and shut down the big bite on Saturday and Sunday while the conditions favored a big fish bite with sunny skies and warming temperatures, that was not enough time to change the bite. So the final big bass was the 6.95 pounder, caught on a spinner bait way up in the Osage river area. There were just under 20 6 pounders weighed this weekend and many 5 pounders and even low 4 pounders cashed checks. Overall a pretty disappointing result for this tournament in the spring with bedding fish, lots of pre-spawn fish shallow and recent big fish being caught on Lake of the Ozarks. The dominant baits this weekend were the Carolina Rig with varying creature baits, the jig and surprisingly the stick bait on main lake and secondary points with wind. Several money fish were also caught on swim baits, shaky heads, ned rigs and spinner baits. Fisherman reported catching keepers on main lake points and just inside the main lake points, these are likely main lake fish finally coming up for spawning, the back 1/3 of creeks/coves on the carolina rig, catching pre-spawn fish ahead of the May full moon and some caught site fishing for bass on beds, however that was not a strong big fish pattern, with only a handful of 4-5 pounders. There was reported that a lot of 2-4 pounders caught right on the banks with the jig, but most bigger fish were caught off the banks and not bank related at all. The river fish, while not confirmed were caught on lay downs, docks and shallow brush piles. While the results were pretty disappointing with so many fisherman on the water in the spring, congratulations to all of you that caught money fish and those that caught 6 pounders on a tough bite. 78% of those that caught money fish were BassingBob members, that is quite impressive. So while the bite was very tough and some lucky big 6 pounders cashed the big checks, bassingbob members dominate the money winnings. Congratulations to all of you for your kind comments to me about the info that the pros shared to help you get on the right patterns and out of 2,600 anglers, bassingbob members blew away the field. Way to go guys!!!

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