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Wednesday Night Missouri Anglers 4 Fish Limit Tournament

Tournament Results On June 7, 2017

General Information
Date June 7, 2017 Reporter Bob
Number of Boats 62 Location PB2 Lake of the Ozarks
Weather/Water Conditions
Water Temperature 74-79 Sky Clear
Air Temperature 60-70's Generation Heavy
Tournament Results
Placement Angler(s) Name Total Keepers Total Weight
1st Place Roger and Cory Cook 4 Fish Limit 16.87
2nd Place Phil and Marty McGuire 4 Fish Limit 16.82
3rd Place Bob Bueltmann and Bob Renken 4 Fish Limit 16.18
Big Bass Award
1st Place Big Bass Winner Name Big Bass Weight
Bob Bueltmann and Bob Renken 6.16
Tournament Notes

This Wednesday night tournament continues to grow, 62 boats tonight. 8 Places paid tonight plus a bonus for free entry next week, so 9 places were rewarded for their catch. First place took almost 17 pounds to win and it took a little over 14.5 pounds to get a check. The appeal of a 4 fish limit, a good Lake of the Ozarks bite, low entry fee and good payback has really got this tournament growing. While there are so many good fisherman fishing this weekly and long standing popular tournament, the 4 fish limit really gives all fisherman a chance to win or cash a check, a limit with one good kicker can get you a check. Tonight the weather was good, the wind was just right, the dam is generating water which helps the LOZ bite, the fish are starting to get bigger and recovering well from the spawn and they are biting good. There were a lot of heavy 4, 5 and a couple of 6 pounders tonight which are more bigger fish being weighed in than the last couple of weeks. Most fisherman reported catching their fish on moving baits like the crank bait, spinner bait and swim bait and on the bottom which is always a good way to catch LOZ big bass, the 10″ plastic worm, shaky head worm and jig were all baits that caught some big ones tonight. Most anglers reported catching their fish on main lake and secondary points in 12-25′ of water while it was still light out and closer to the bank and around condo/marina docks after dark.

Tournament Photos

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