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MoBassFishin’ Solo Pro Series

Tournament Results On March 4, 2018

General Information
Date March 4, 2018 Reporter Bob
Number of Boats 46 Location PB2 Lake of the Ozarks
Weather/Water Conditions
Water Temperature 41-47 Sky Overcast
Air Temperature 40-50's Generation Medium
Tournament Results
Placement Angler(s) Name Total Keepers Total Weight
1st Place Bobby Albert 5 25.10
2nd Place John Vonahn 5 14.60
3rd Place Hal Land 5 11.40
Big Bass Award
1st Place Big Bass Winner Name Big Bass Weight
Bobby Albert 8.10
Tournament Notes

Today Bobby Albert smashed 25.10 pounds of Lake of the Ozarks Bass anchored by a giant 8.10 pounder. Bobby fished from the 50mm and above and reported catching his monster bag on the spinner bait and jig. Second place was won by Bassing Bob member, John Vonahn. John also had second big bass, 5.70 pounds. John reported catching a lot of fish on some banks in the Gravois, he reported catching his fish on 6th sense stickbait. Wiggle wart crawdad (Original) and shad rap. Most anlgers reported catching their fish on the stick bait, jig, A-rig and crank baits, mid way to the back of creeks on rock transition banks and secondary points.

Tournament Photos

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