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Tournament Results On June 6, 2019

General Information
Date June 6, 2019 Reporter Ben
Number of Boats 59 Location PB2
Weather/Water Conditions
Water Temperature 77 Sky Cloudy
Air Temperature 90 Generation Heavy
Tournament Results
Placement Angler(s) Name Total Keepers Total Weight
1st Place Mark Wasson/ Jim Gianladis 4 16.63
2nd Place Bob Renken/ Chuck Night 4 16.01
3rd Place James Lewis/ Tony Houston 4 15.08
Big Bass Award
1st Place Big Bass Winner Name Big Bass Weight
Frank carrol/ Joe Gann 5.85
Tournament Notes

Tonight fifty-nine (59) teams finally had nice weather at take-off, 90 degrees, however around 9:15 pm a strong wind at least 35 or 40 mph hit the lake area, The lake is off color with a surface water temperature of 77 degrees and a lot of debris floating in the main lake. Ameren is running heavy generation and probably will be for several weeks since Truman Lake is 32 feet above pool.

The bite has been great as it has been for the last two or three weeks. With the heavy generation the best bite has been on main lake points and bluff cuts. Jigs, worms and crank baits have been the best baits for catching some quality bass anywhere from two to ten feet. There were thirty-one four fish limits brought to the scales with fifteen bass weighing 4 pounds and four bass weighing 5 pounds.

1st – Mark Wasson & Jim Gianladis – 16.36 lbs.
2nd – Bob Renken & Chuck Knight – 16.01 lbs.
3rd – James Lewis & Tony Houston- 15.08 lbs.
4th – Cory Schuh – 14.45 lbs.
5th – Joe Gan & Frank Carroll – 14.38 lbs.
6th – Scott Dickerson & Kevin Hahn – 14.31 lbs.
7th – Steve Varner & Aaron Gardner – 14.17 lbs.
8th – Dion & Lawson Hibdon – 14.12 lbs.
9th – Don & Joshua Barnes – 14.03 lbs received two tickets to Lake Ozark Speedway provided by Bassing Bob.Com.

Big Bass weighed 5.85 pounds caught by the team of Frank Carroll & Joe Gan

Free Entry – Mike & Clayton Chandler

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