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Cooks Win Summer Sizzler – 2 Days 39.91 Pounds, Win $3,500

Tournament Results On August 18, 2019

General Information
Date August 18, 2019 Reporter Bob
Number of Boats 19 Location PB2 Lake of the Ozarks
Weather/Water Conditions
Water Temperature 83-86 Sky Cloudy then Sunny
Air Temperature 80's Generation Heavy
Tournament Results
Placement Angler(s) Name Total Keepers Total Weight
1st Place Roger and Corey Cook 2 Days 10 Keepers 39.91
2nd Place Marcus Sykora and Bill Davenport 10 - 2 Days 38.95
3rd Place Roger and Chase Fitzpatrick 10 - 2 Days 35.20
Big Bass Award
1st Place Big Bass Winner Name Big Bass Weight
Bob Renken and Stewart Bigelow 7.96
Tournament Notes

Corey and Roger Cook won the (2) Day Bassing Bob Summer Bass Sizzler, catching 20.18 pounds on day 1 and following that up with 19.73 on day two with a 5.76 pound kicker.

Roger and Corey reported catching their winning fish, targeting both shallow brush piles mid way to the backs of coves with a 3/8 Oz shaky head worm and secondary and main lake point fish deeper when the sun came out with a 3/4 Oz Jig, fishing from Tan Tara area to the lower Glaize.   They alternated shallow and deep all day both days.

Bill Davenport and Marcus Sykora jumped from 4th place coming into today up to 2nd place with the biggest bag of the tournament 21.60 pounds anchored by a giant 6.20 pounder.

Bill and Marcus kept their baits in 12′-18′ brush piles in the Glaize area all day both days.  Their big fish came on a Chompers Davenport Special Brush Jig and a 6th Sense Divine 5/8 oz Shaky Head with a Magnum trick worm.   They indicated that some brush fish wanted the jig and some wanted the worm, so their one-two punch of Jig n Worm worked well for them in the brush piles.  Today they reported that the bite got tougher after about 10:00AM but still caught fish, but the early bite produced best for them.

Roger and Chase Fitzpatrick finished 3rd jumping from 6th place yesterday with 16.52 pounds and added on 18.68 pounds today for a 2 day total of 35.20.   They reported catching their fish on a jig and worm on main lake points and off shore structure.  They fished today around the toll bridge early, catching lots of fish but not the quality needed to win.  They made a big run to above the Hurricane Deck Bridge, 30+ MM and caught their big fish in that area.

Ray and Jimmy Ingles, 2nd place coming in to today with 18.63 pounds, came up a bit short but catching 16.13 pounds today to finish 4th place.  They reported that they caught their fish on the jig and worm, from Tan Tara to the Toll Bridge and lower Glaize area targeting main lake points and off shore structure.

There were a lot of big bass caught this weekend, 7.96 pounder by Renken and Bigelow on a Crock-o-Gator Shaky Head with Cut Tail Worm from shallow dock shade in Linn Creek, 6.66 pounder by Steve Evanoff (E-Factor Baits) on an E-Factor Jig out of brush on a secondary point in the Tan Tara area, 6.20 Pounder by Sykora and Davenport on the Chompers Davenport Special Jig in a 15′ brush pile up the Glaize and a 6.04 Pounder caught by Jeremy Medina and Joe Brantley on a jig above Hurricane Deck Bridge , 30-40MM targeting shallow dock shade.

The majority of the anglers reported catching their big fish on the jig and worm, fishing brush piles, main and secondary points and fishing shallow dock shade from mid lake to the dam, including the Glaize and Gravois.

Lots of credit to 9th place Brad Jelinek and Brock Rienkemeyer, these guys ran from the Glaize at the 19MM all the way to just below Truman Dam 90MM.   The water flow from the release of water from Truman and big generation from Bagnell Dam has giant current running through the shallows of that river area.  They caught 15.34 day 1 and 15.67 day two (but had two dead fish, so lost 2 pounds), however they caught them up there on a jig and worm, working inside of coves around dock shade, brush piles and eddy’s on the main lake.

Of the 19 boats, there were 12 (10) Fish Limits weighed in.  Might have been more but a few teams did not weigh-in today as they likely figured they had no chance.

Finally a big shout out to Randy Terrell and Jeff Hoots.  They cashed a check today for the lowest weight for 10 keepers.  That pay-out is a Bassing Bob special to keep everyone fishing regardless of there chance to win.   They had 10 keepers weighing 25.70 pounds.

Check out BassingBob videos to see the wiegh-in and conversations with the anglers about their patterns, baits, areas of the lake and strategy.



Tournament Photos

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