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Tournament Results On January 26, 2020

General Information
Date January 26, 2020 Reporter Ben
Number of Boats 19 Location PB2
Weather/Water Conditions
Water Temperature 41-44 Sky clear
Air Temperature 40s Generation heavy
Tournament Results
Placement Angler(s) Name Total Keepers Total Weight
1st Place Chris Daquilla/ Gary Shartzer 13.64
2nd Place Randy/Roger Krull 10.77
3rd Place Denise Dill 10.23
Big Bass Award
1st Place Big Bass Winner Name Big Bass Weight
Josh/Jim Schnable 5.24
Tournament Notes

No A-rigs allowed in BWSTA in their LOZ tournaments.  So anglers need to go catch em without A-Rig.  Congrats to those that catch big ones the old fashion way.

Fish were reported caught on rouges and jigs around the Gravois Area.

However, above Hurricane Deck Bridge also produced keeper bass.

First place team, Chris D’Aquilla, he always does great on LOZ, reported catching their winning bag fishing from the 8mm to the 6 mm with a 6th Sense Stick Bait, they were focused on varying rock structure, big rocks and rock transitions on main lake and steep banks in big creeks.  Chris reported that the fish are still spread out and the they did not have a really specific pattern.

Bassing Bob expert adviser Denise Dill, guide and owner w her husband Jim of Crock-o-Gator Bait company fishing by herself, finished 3rd place, wow, way to do Denise.   Denise fished the Crock-o-Gator swamp bug on small COG Shaky Head.  She fished the dirty water from mouth of Glaize the Linn creek, inside of creeks, creek channel banks with deep water close by, working the swamp bug slow in 8′-15′ of water.

Big Bass by the Schabbles caught their  5+ pounder on a 3/8 OZ Crock-o-Gator jig black and blue jig on a creek channel bank, first steep channel bank coming out of the back of a creek near Hurricane Deck bridge.   That fish was caught in 6′-8′ of water in water with 1′ of water clarity.

2nd Place, Randy and Roger Krull, 13.64 pounds, a great weight for this time of the year.

They reported catching their keepers from 6MM to the dam fishing well inside of points and away from the heavy current.  They reported soaking the stick bait for 8-15 seconds, fishing slow from bank to 12′ of water.   Their bite was better when the sun was out.

Stay tuned as I have messages out to others that caught good fish.

Tournament Photos

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