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Missouri Angler Wednesday Nighter

Tournament Results On June 25, 2020

General Information
Date June 25, 2020 Reporter Ben
Number of Boats 61 Location PB2
Weather/Water Conditions
Water Temperature 84 Sky Clear
Air Temperature 80s Generation Medium
Tournament Results
Placement Angler(s) Name Total Keepers Total Weight
1st Place Troy & Kayden Patterson 4 16.11
2nd Place Dirk Sluyter & Dan Bowman 4 15.05
3rd Place Scott & Scott Danek 4 14.92
Big Bass Award
1st Place Big Bass Winner Name Big Bass Weight
Steve Swihart & Fred Stafford 5.72
Tournament Notes

Another great night of fishing for the sixty-one (61) teams. Just like last week the bass are biting and all the anglers are catching a boat load of keepers. With group of anglers you need to boat a couple of four pounders to get in the check line. The best bite came on deep diving crank baits, jigs and creature baits 8 to 15 feet. There were three 5 pound bass, eight 4 pounders and several 3 pounders brought to the scales by twenty-one of the teams.

The lake level is 659.5 with medium generation and a surface water temperature of 83 to 85 degrees.

1st – Troy & Kayden Patterson – 16.11 lbs.
2nd – Dan Bowman & Dirk Sluyter – 15.05 lbs.
3rd – Scott & Scott Danek – 14.92 lbs.
4th – Roger & Corey Cook – 14.33 lbs.
5th – Nathan Routh & Easton Blankenship – 14.01 lbs.
6th – Darrell Ivey & Vince Jones – 13.72 lbs.
7th – Jimmy Ingels & Corey Steckler – ll.38 lbs.
8th – Roger Springs & Henry Dehahn – 13.72 lbs.

Big Bass – 5.72 pounds caught by Steve Swihart & Fred Stafford.

2nd Big Bass 5.29 pounds caught by Scott & Scott Danek who received a Gift Certificate for oil change from Big “O” Tire in Osage Beach. .

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