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Ozark Mountain Team Trail, Daffren and Patterson Smash 21.81 Pounds, Jim and Denise Dill Big Bass – 7.07 Pounder

Tournament Results On March 27, 2021

General Information
Date March 27, 2021 Reporter Bob
Number of Boats 142 Location PB2 Lake of the Ozarks
Weather/Water Conditions
Water Temperature 49-58 Sky Sunny
Air Temperature 50-70's Generation Heavy
Tournament Results
Placement Angler(s) Name Total Keepers Total Weight
1st Place Kieth Dafron and Ryan Patterson 5 21.81
2nd Place Mike Gold and Eric Olliverson 5 20.76
3rd Place Shane and Shawn Williams 5 20.66
Big Bass Award
1st Place Big Bass Winner Name Big Bass Weight
Jim and Denise Dill 7.07
Tournament Notes

The biggest ever Ozark Mountain Team Trail had 142 boats today taking out of PB2.

There were a lot of big bags and big fish weighed in today.  The bass bite on Lake of the Ozarks has really gotten good this week and weekend.   The warming weather/water temps, rising water levels, full moon, longer days and good stain through-out the lake are putting the bass shallower and more catchable.

The bass are on the move.  One day they are biting good on a stretch of bank and the next day they have moved.  That change can also happen within the day.


The winners, Vexus Boat Team, Keith Daffon and Ryan Patterson sacked them up today on moving baits in the river area

Click here to see video interview for the pattern, baits and area of lake they caught their big ones today. 

Big Bass

1st Big Bass, 7.07 pounds, caught by Jim and Denise Dill was caught on a 1/2oz Crock-o-Gator (COG) Zapper Jig in Brown/Purple Scale color with a COG Ring Craw Trailer, fishing at the 26mm – 30mm  on rock transition banks 1/2 way to back of creeks in shallow water, 1′-5′.  Jim and Denise finished 6th place today with a big sack of 19.50 pounds, catching all of their big keepers on the jig.

2nd Big Bass, 7.05 pounds caught by Marcus Sykora and Bill Davenport on a white and chartreuse spinner bait in the Glaize, also caught shallow.  Marcus and Bill finished 15th today, fishing in the Glaize.  They reported catching their quality fish today on a variety of baits, the 6th Sense Curve Crank Bait, E-Factor Spinner Bait and the Chompers Eraser Jig.

Overall Patterns/Baits and Locations

OMTT paid 25 places today with 142 boats.   16.08 pounds took the last check.  That shows that the bite is getting really good on LOZ.   There were a lot of 14-15 pound bags also brought to the scales.

There were 4 fish over 7 pounds, many 5 and 4 pounders too.

The spinner bait was by far the dominant bait today that caught quality bass from my discussions with many angler teams.  The crank bait was also a big player today, mostly wiggle wart and rock crawler and some on square bill as well, fish are shallow on the banks.  The stick bait also caught quality fish today, mostly on the lower end and Gravois in a bit clearer water and the jig/creature baits caught a lot of bass and big fish as well.

Of those that I interviewed that had quality fish and big bags were mostly from Tan Tara to up the river, then the Glaize and some good bags in the dirtier water up the Gravois and in the Nianguas.  While good fish were caught on the lower end, that area did not produce as many of the big bags today, but there were some.  Overall the entire lake is starting to get really good.

Seems as though you need to be covering some water, watching for rock transitions, fish river areas, mid to back of coves and side pockets and when you find them fish with a jig or create bait.  Stay shallow.


Tournament Photos

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