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Tuesday, September 26th
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Bass World Sports Night Tournament

Tournament Results On August 13, 2022

General Information
Date August 13, 2022 Reporter
Number of Boats 29 Location
Weather/Water Conditions
Water Temperature Sky
Air Temperature Generation
Tournament Results
Placement Angler(s) Name Total Keepers Total Weight
1st Place Stan Green / Josh Swineburg 5 19.89
2nd Place Jeff Beauchamp / Pug Bledsoe 5 19.82
3rd Place Jody Saultz / Tom Heimbaugh 5 18.43
Big Bass Award
1st Place Big Bass Winner Name Big Bass Weight
Jeff Beauchamp / Pug Bledsoe 6.14
Tournament Notes

Bass World Sports last all-night tournament had 29 boats,115 bass weighed in with only 1 dead fish. Great job by our fisherman for keeping fish alive. 19.89 won and 17.79 get check. Winter division starts October 9, PB2 from 6.30 to 2.30 see you there. Winter division counts to go to Grand Lake Classic in March.

Ozark Summer Results 7/13/2022
Stan Green and Josh Swineburg- 19.89
Jeff Beauchamp and Pug Bledsoe- 19.82
Jody Saultz and Tom Heimbaugh – 18.43
Eric Dearduff and Steve Varner- 17.88
Cole McFarland- 17.82
Dennis Young and Bobby Dennison – 17.79
Big Bass – Jeff Beauchamp- 6.14
2nd Big Bass – Jody Saultz – 6.11
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