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Monday, September 25th
Fog - Wind: 1.99 Mph
65.2 °F

2022 Missouri Angler Wednesday Night Tournament Championship

Tournament Results On September 15, 2022

General Information
Date September 15, 2022 Reporter
Number of Boats 36 Location PB2
Weather/Water Conditions
Water Temperature 80-81 Sky
Air Temperature Generation
Tournament Results
Placement Angler(s) Name Total Keepers Total Weight
1st Place Terry Blankenship & Rick Fishback 4 15.65
2nd Place Andy Mostajo & Bill Cassidy 4 12.64
3rd Place Dirk Sluyter 4 12.07
Big Bass Award
1st Place Big Bass Winner Name Big Bass Weight
Tournament Notes

Congratulations to Terry Blankenship & Rick Fishback for their win in the Missouri Angler Wednesday Night Championship with an impressive 4 fish limit weighing 15.65 lbs.

Last night was a perfect night for fishing the last Missouri Angler Wednesday Night Tournament of the year, no big boats and cool temperatures. The only problem was the keeper bass were hard to come by for most of the thirty-six (36) anglers, not all but most. There were twelve, four fish limits weighed, which included six, 3 pound, eight, 4 pound and two, 5 pound largemouth. As usual a bunch of 13 and 14 inch bass were caught by the anglers.
Some of the anglers said their best bite were jigs, creature baits and Senko’s pitched behind docks and in shallow brush. others said they caught bass 10-12 feet on points. The lake has dropped about a foot in the last few days, so that could be an legitimate excuse for the anglers that didn’t do as well as expected.
The lake level last night was 658.18 with light generation (1,852.68 cfs.) The surface water temperature is 80 to 81 degrees.
We would like to thank everyone who helped make our tournaments a success, Fitz Fishing (Leon, Rob and Michael,) Boat Wrx, Big O Tires (Quent,) Bass Cat Boat’s, and the gang that helped Lou and Kathy throughout the year, Ray, Art, Don, Debbie, Harry and Amanda. Most of all we want to thank all the dedicated anglers who make our tournaments successful.
1st – Terry Blankenship & Rick Fishback – 15.65 lbs.
2nd – Andy Mostajo & Bill Cassidy – 12.64 lbs.
3rd – Dirk Sluyter – 12.07 lbs.
4th – Easton Blankenship & Nathan Routh – 11.73 lbs.
5th – Scott & Scott Danek – 11.44 lbs.
6th – Jonathan Pimentel & Shane Skinner – 10.99 lbs.
7th – Joe Gan & Frank Carroll – 10.30 lbs.
8th – Rich & Kyle Wagner – 10.17 lbs.
9th – Scott & Codi Stonitsch – 9.82 lbs.
10th – Larry Franklin & Luke Wade – 9.34 lbs.
50/50 11th – Quent Reed & Brandon Hecker – 9.22 lbs.
BIG BASS – 5.33 – Frank Carroll & Joe Gan
2ND BIG BASS – 5.00 – Nathan Routh & Easton Blankenship
50/50 THIRD BIG BASS – 4.77 – John & Robby Cox
2022 Big String of Year – 18.88 on June 1st – Robby & John Cox
2022 Big Fish of Year – 6.37 on June 15th – Dan Swan & Jim Walker

Tournament Photos

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