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Wednesday, September 27th
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Ivy Bend Open Bass Tournament

Tournament Results On August 1, 2023

General Information
Date August 1, 2023 Reporter
Number of Boats 9 Location Wet Spot Bar and Grill
Weather/Water Conditions
Water Temperature Sky
Air Temperature Generation
Tournament Results
Placement Angler(s) Name Total Keepers Total Weight
1st Place Mark Dunbar / Kirk Benson 5 15.60
2nd Place Mike Riley 5 14.00
3rd Place Matt Cussigh / Willam Harper 5 10.50
Big Bass Award
1st Place Big Bass Winner Name Big Bass Weight
Mike Riley 3.50
Tournament Notes

Nine boats fished for Nine hours from the 70MM to the 46MM. Almost everyone caught some fish but there were only 3 limits turned in. Water temperatures ranged from mid to high 80’s but the fish caught were actually caught shallow, in dark holes under shallow docks or hanging branches.

First Place went to Mark Dunbar and Kirk Benson; They had five fish weighing 15.60 with a kicker and 2nd big bass weighing 3.45 lbs. They started out of Procter Cove around the 54MM and fished down to the 46MM, using a big worm with a light weight.

Second Place and Big Bass went to Mike Riley; Mike had five fish weighing 14 lbs even with a kicker and Big Bass weighing 3.50 lbs. Mike started out of Procter Cove and fished down to the 50MM and back up to the 61MM. Mike swam a jig by specific docks targeting bass suspended beneath.

Honorable mention first out of the money the team of Matt Cussigh and Willam Harper turned in a five fish limit weighing 10.50 lbs and a big of 3.30 lbs.

This is an open tournament where you launch where you want but the weigh in is at the 59 ½ MM Wet Spot Bar and Grill. Next tournament scheduled for Thursday August 17th 6am to 3pm.

Tournament Photos

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