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Ivy Bend Open Bass Tournament

Tournament Results On August 18, 2023

General Information
Date August 18, 2023 Reporter
Number of Boats 14 Location Weigh-in at the Wet Spot
Weather/Water Conditions
Water Temperature Sky
Air Temperature Generation
Tournament Results
Placement Angler(s) Name Total Keepers Total Weight
1st Place Steve Rock and Tom Seved 5 16.55
2nd Place Rene Felker 5 15.10
3rd Place Bill Moore and Brandon Madden 5 13.75
Big Bass Award
1st Place Big Bass Winner Name Big Bass Weight
Bill Moore and Brandon Madden 5.25
Tournament Notes

Ivy Bend Open Bass Tournament results 8/17/2023

There is something special about fishing a tournament on LOZ on a Thursday; fewer boats and fewer Jet Skis! We had 14 boats enter todays tournament fishing from Cole Camp Creek to past Hurricane Deck Bridge and everywhere in-between. This Tournament allows you to launch wherever you want on LOZ but you must come by boat and weigh-in at the WetSpot bar and Grill at the 59 ½ MM. The best bags today came somewhere between the 50 to 60 MM.

Most anglers down the line used a big worm or jig; although spinnerbait and a bladed jig were also used to cut a check. We had 4 fish that weighed over 5-lbs and two more that weighed 4.90-lbs. We paid Three places and one Big Bass.

First Place – Steve Rock and Tom Seved had 5-fish limit weighing 16.55 lbs anchored by a 4.90-lb bucket mouth. Big worm and a jig put their fish in the boat, starting out of Procter Cove and fishing up river to the weigh-in.

Second Place – and Big Bass solo angler Rene Felker. Rene had a 5-fish limit weighing 15.10-lbs anchored by a LOZ donkey weighing 5.75-lbs! If you know Rene you know what he fished with, nothing but a Jig. Ok one secret, it’s a rattling jig. Rene stayed around the 60 MM fishing close to home.

Third Place – Bill Moore and Brandon Madden turned in 5-fish limit weighing 13.75 anchored by another LOZ donkey weighing 5.25-lbs. Pearson Cove was there first morning spot and a spinnerbait and chatter bait was the deal for them.

The rest of the best 4th through 9th place.

4th Father and son team Joe McBride and Bob McBride 5-fish 12.95-lbs big 5.20-lbs.

5th Greg Profitt and Anthony Scoma 5-fish 12.55-lbs.

6th Fred Jobe and Richard Crouch 5-fish 12.20-lbs

7th Grant Akers and Jim Wagner 5-fish 11.70-lbs big 4.90-lbs.

8th Mark Dunbar and Cliff Wolf 5-fish 10.15-lbs big 5.10-lbs.

9th Mike Riley 7.15 total big 4.25-lbs.

There are 4 more regular tournaments before the two day Classic Oct 21-22. You must fish at least 2 regular tourneys to fish the Classic. Next tournament is August 27th 6a-2p come join us.

Tournament Photos

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