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Friday, September 29th
Clear Sky - Wind: 1.99 Mph
71.5 °F

Ivy Bend Open Bass Tournament

Tournament Results On August 29, 2023

General Information
Date August 29, 2023 Reporter
Number of Boats 16 Location Start anywhere - End 60 MM Wet Spot Bar
Weather/Water Conditions
Water Temperature Sky
Air Temperature Generation
Tournament Results
Placement Angler(s) Name Total Keepers Total Weight
1st Place Joe McBride / Bob McBride 5 18.90
2nd Place Steve Rock / Tom Shewey 5 18.65
3rd Place Tom Smith 5 16.71
Big Bass Award
1st Place Big Bass Winner Name Big Bass Weight
Lane Inglis / Shad Pace 6.10
Tournament Notes

Ivey Bend Open Bass Tournament 8/27/2023 Results

Sixteen boats entered Sunday’s Tournament. After more than a week of sweltering temperatures it was a real pleasure to start the day with a light jacket to ward off the morning 69-degree chill, especially if you were making an early morning run to your favorite magic fishing spot. Soon as the clouds disappeared the sun warmed the day to a very pleasant 84 degrees.

The dog days of summer are still here, fishing in general is not as easy this time of year as high temps and bright sunshine affects fish and fishermen alike. What worked in July may not work in August and September the beginning of transition everything seems different. Especially in a tournament environment where every minute that passes increases that nagging question are we in the right spot?

These 16 boats started at 6:00 a.m. at various ramps (or Lake Houses) from the 43 MM to the 69 MM; 26 miles of the Osage River all making their way to the 59 ½ MM for weigh-in. The largest bags came from below the 50 MM.

First Place father and son team Bob and Joe McBride turned in 5 fish weighing 18.90 pounds! With a large of just over 5 pounds the rest were solid 3-4 pounders.

Second Place Steve Rock and Tom Shewey had 5-fish weighing 18.65 pounds. They also had a large just over five pounds and the rest were solid 3-4 pounders.

Third Place went to Solo angler Tom Smith who turned in 5-fish weighing 16.71 pounds. Tom also had a big of just under 5 pounds with the rest of his bag in the 3 pound range.

And the Big Bass of the tournament went to a team of High School anglers Lane Inglis and Shad Pace, weighed in a LOZ donkey weighing 6.10 pounds! These two up and coming anglers took home $240 for their outstanding effort.

The following were out of the check line top to bottom.

Mike Riley 5-fish 15.41 lbs.

Lawson Hibdon & Joe Wiebell 5-fish 14.85 lbs.

Grant Akers & Jim Wagner 5-fish 12.32 lbs.

Rene Felker 4-fish 10.99 lbs.

Luke Greco & Sean Rogers 3-fish 10.64 lbs.

Jerry Warren & Justin West 3-fish 7.47 lbs.

Next tournament is September 14th from 7am to 3pm and just like before there is no starter no designated starting point launch where you like, weigh-in at The WetSpot Bar and Grill 59 ½ MM.

Rene Felker 816-807-2463 or Dave Stover 573-345-3788 to sign-up.

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