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Dirk Sluyter and Lawson Hibdon Discuss, “What Makes Dirks Jig So Special”

Dirk Sluyter, the maker of Dirks Jig and Lawson Hibdon, successful jig fishing Pro discuss details of what makes Dirks Jig so special for catching bass.   The research, engineering and careful component selections are discussed, why the knock off jigs miss the mark and rod and reel set-ups for this special jig.

Dirk and Lawson also discuss jig colors and recommended trailers based on water clarity and time of the year.

See what Dirk and Lawson have planned next.

You can get Dirks jigs now at Fitz Fishing Tackle and Supplies in Osage Beach, call or get there fast because they do not last long.  However Dirk and Lawson share some plans to satisfy the high demand for the jig.

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