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MLF Toyota Series, First Place Co-Angler, Alan Bernicky Discuses the Baits/Patterns and Areas of the Lake

Alan Bernicky finished in 1st place as Co-Angler,  winning a new Phoenix Bass Boat in the 3 day Major League Fishing Toyota Series tournament on Lake of the Ozarks.

Alan discusses the patterns, baits and areas of the lake that caught his winning bags of fish each day.  Alan also discussed the strategies and approach for a co-angler to have success.

As most of you know, the Co-Angler is randomly drawn with a Pro/Boater each day.  So they have to make appropriate adjustments as their boater could be fishing any area of the lake, shallow or deep, so, until tournament day, the co-angler really does not know where or patterns the boater/pro plans to fish.

Therefore on tournament day and perhaps until the first stop, requires the Co to make bait/pattern adjustments on the fly.  When they catch em good, as Alan did the past 3 days, is pretty special and hard to do.  Alan caught 34.00 pounds in three days from the back of the boat, amazing.


More post tournament video interviews will be posted soon here, additional top co-anglers and boater/pros.  Stay tuned.

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