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Fishing Report For Week Ending September 27, 2013

Friday, September 27, 2013

The bass are still in a bit of a transition from summer to fall. The best bite has been by docks with wind and large shad nearby.

This week did not change too much from last week.  The weather warmed up a bit from last week. This did not seem to have much of an effect on the bass.  There is still a lot of shad in the middle and back of many coves.  The coves that have been producing some quality bass are the ones where you can locate the schools of larger size shad.

The bigger bass are being caught in shallow areas around cover such as docks and shallow brush piles.  If you see the large shad in the back of the coves there will be quality bass nearby.  On bright days with light wind fish the last several docks in the coves with jigs and worms.  Use ½ OZ Crock-O Gator jig with a COG Ring craw trailer.  The Peca Chunk trailer works well with the COG Jigs as well. Try to get your bait deep in the wells of the docks and under swim platforms.  Any area of the dock that provides much shade are the most productive. If there is chop on the water many of the docks will produce on the side the wind is hitting on.

We have caught several bass on the deep ends and corners of the docks with a topwater and crankbaits. The KVD Sexy Dawg and Zara Spook have been working in these conditions.  Several bass were caught on wave breaks with wind hitting directly on them. Use Senkos on a shakey head or a weightless wacky Senko by letting it fall with a “pulsating” retrieve and let fall again. The bass will be there but there are many smaller bass. Occasionally we will get a keeper but for the most part have been smaller bass.

On overcast, cloudy or rainy days try a topwater.  If the bass are active in these conditions you can load up on some quality fish. Buzzbaits, spooks, chug bugs and KVD Sexy dawgs are still producing in these conditions.

Brush piles in the creeks are producing bass anywhere from a 2 feet to 15 feet deep.  Fish the brush piles between the docks and on the ends of the docks.  Texas rigged plastic worms, jigs and crankbaits are catching bass in these brush piles.

The bass are still in a transition and several techniques will work. A jerkbait produced many bass one day this week although they were non keepers but had a few quality chasers attack it at the boat. This is “junk fishing month” where many baits and locations will catch fish.  The most productive though have been cover that had wind blowing directly on it and the areas in the back of the coves with those large gizzard shad.


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