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Wednesday Night Missouri Anglers 4 Fish Limit Tournament

Tournament Results On May 10, 2017

General Information
Date May 10, 2017 Reporter Bob
Number of Boats 46 Location PB2 Lake of the Ozarks
Weather/Water Conditions
Water Temperature 65-69 Sky Rain Stormy
Air Temperature 60's Generation Heavy
Tournament Results
Placement Angler(s) Name Total Keepers Total Weight
1st Place Rich Mueller and Rick Suspanic 4 Fish Limit 18.00
2nd Place Bill Bagley and Shawn Kowal 4 Fish Limit 17.37
3rd Place Dan Weber and Mason Brock 4 Fish Limit 14.63
Big Bass Award
1st Place Big Bass Winner Name Big Bass Weight
Rich Mueller and Rick Supanic 5.77
Tournament Notes

Tonight 46 boats took out of PB2 for the weekly Wednesday night tournament, one of the staple tournaments at Lake of the Ozarks, with a 4 fish limit, which really levels the playing field, however to win you generally need at least one big one, 5+ or 4 good ones in the 3+ range with a kicker, especially this time of year when the spawn period fish are shallow or just off the banks and we have the beginning of the shad spawn which will keep some quality fish shallow. The tournament tonight took off just 15 minutes early, just after 5:45 with weigh-in moved up from 10:00 PM to 9:45, in consideration of the forecasted big rains and thunder storms in the area. Considering the stormy weather forecast many angler teams did not venture too far from PB2 and the Glaize. Considering the big weights of fish this spring in tournaments, there are a lot of big fish in the Glaize and around PB2 to be caught. Most fisherman reported catching their fish on moving baits shallow to 10′ of water, shallow – medium diving crank baits, spinner baits and chatter baits. Top water baits also produced some good fish as did the jig and creature baits. Some very impressive weights for a 3.5 hour tournament on a stormy night with a 4 fish limit, 18 pounds to win, that is a 4.5 pound average, wow. There were 6 place paid tonight, it took 13.52 pounds to cash the last check. Fishing on Lake of the Ozarks has been on fire and this Wednesday night tournament with a 4 fish limit is really awesome, anyone can win, but it does take a little luck and a couple of big ones.

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